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Helping the dying

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, I have two very close friends who are both terminally ill and have perhaps just a few months to be here. How can I best assist them from afar, since I cannot be there in person due to their physical distance from me? Both women seem to depend on me, and ask me to call them once or twice a day to talk about their experiences. Some days I dread talking to one or both of them. I don’t know how to respond at times, and I want to avoid the pain they express. What can I bring into this experience that is positive and helpful? How can I protect myself from the negative and angry feelings/energy which they sometimes express? I am very sensitive and at times feel too much of their pain.    ~Mary, US

ANSWER: You are engaged in some of your service work for this lifetime. Your friends intuitively know that they can talk to you when others find it difficult to speak to them or even to be in their presence. For souls to learn their life lessons, they must work through their feelings about those lessons. Until they have spoken out loud about what they are going through, it is not “real” to them. They must be able to discuss the thoughts and energy around their predicament.

There is a very special trait that some souls have chosen: that is to be a witness for others. Witnessing is the process of allowing others to use you to validate for themselves the processes that they are living. A witness does not have to participate in the actual proceeding but just needs to be available to see what the others are experiencing. You are their witness, and this is as positive and helpful as you can get.

In being there for them to vent, you are doing as much as you could if you were right there in the room with them. This is also lesson time for you, because you can get some of the same emotional experiences they are having without going through the diseases. In listening to their anguish you are living their current life.

You have freedom of choice, so you may stop your torment at any time by refusing to continue witnessing their decline. You also would be stopping the lesson you are having of dealing with the anger, helplessness, and frustration that you mirror. Take the pain you are feeling and go into the roots of it. Some early life experiences are firing in the background and you will be able to rid yourself of these unpleasant feelings once and for all.

Being a medium

Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, in 1996 I met a woman who channelled White Eagle. White Eagle came through to talk with me on a number of occasions, and during one of our conversations he asked me if I would be willing to become his medium. I asked him if this was a pre-birth agreement between him and me and he told me it was. He asked us both to sign a piece of paper changing the mediumship to me.  Over the years I lost contact with my medium friend and, other than a very vivid dream of being with White Eagle, I have heard nothing. Can you please tell me if he still wants me to be his medium, or has there been a change of plan?   ~Olive, UK

ANSWER: Spirits, non-incarnated souls, departed personas, whatever you wish to call them, have the ability to be in many places at the same time. They also can choose to speak to and through hundreds of people all at the same time. The soul known on Earth as White Eagle normally chooses to speak through only one or two people during any one period of time.

You have a special connection with White Eagle because he is a guide of yours and has been around you for quite some time. Your own belief systems have kept you from being able to easily hear him and communicate to and for him. All you have to do is open up and listen to him and you will be able to readily establish a solid link to his energy.

There was a misunderstanding between you and your medium friend concerning the need for written contracts regarding “Earth ownership” of the exclusive rights to be the sole medium for White Eagle. He finds it very funny that you two believed that anything you did could influence his decision regarding whom he would communicate with-other than putting up blockages in your own minds.

You used this contract concept as a way to validate for yourself that you could talk to him. It was not necessary. Open yourself to believability in his presence and you will find him ready to talk.


Wednesday, July 8th, 2009

[NOTE: This question uses the term “Buddhic.”  The Buddhic plane is defined as the fifth dimension, the level of consciousness where the oneness of all life becomes apparent, and where ascension starts. Buddhic substance is unconditional love.]

QUESTION: Masters, I asked you previously if my husband were a walk-in and you stated that he is. My questions are: 1) Where is my husband’s original being now, and can I have a message from him as he left me with many unanswered questions about his dark side? 2) Who is this walk-in soul? Is he a planetary being or another human incarnation? I was told by a human master that the walk-in is a buddhic energy form. Any other advice or encouragement the Masters can give to ease me forward in this life path is appreciated.   ~Dechen, Singapore

ANSWER: The soul that was the original occupant of your husband’s body has returned Home. He had completed all the lessons he came to Earth to learn. He was to die in an accident, and the current soul-occupant made an agreement with him to use the body he was about to discard so that he might begin this incarnation without having to go through all the trials and tribulations of birth, toddler, teen, etc.

Some of the original lessons of your husband were experiences with very strong negative influences. This is what you perceived as a dark side of him. He had chosen a rather short life because negativity is an intense scenario and he wanted to have just a short burst with time to incorporate the lessons slowly-but back Home. He wants you to know that he agreed to this switch so that you might have an agreeable companion for the current time.

The current occupant is a soul that has been on Earth many, many times. Not all walk-ins are buddhic in nature. It depends on the stage of their enlightenment and the reason they have chosen to enter life in this unusual manner. He is awakening rapidly, so time will tell if he can reach a buddhic level within this life span.

Continue to observe life and learn the lessons you have chosen and that are presented by others. Remain open to the energy flow and ride along for a good trip through this dimension.