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Unknown health problems

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, I have a daughter who just finished university and has poor health for no known reason. She finds it difficult to eat, feeling sick at the thought of food, and wakes up with headaches. This has been going on since puberty, and we have been to an herbalist, chiropractor, and naturopath, as well as done allopathic testing. I know she has been working incredibly hard, but she balances her life with yoga, meditation, and volunteer service and she loves life to the full. She is so caring and compassionate and wants to do so much in the world! Can you help us understand this situation?  ~Paula, Canada

ANSWER: Your daughter, with the onset of puberty, became very sensitive to all additives included in foods. She has a tendency to build up toxic levels of these within her system, resulting in the symptoms she displays. These foreign substances in foods are continually stimulating a negative reaction within her body. The headaches are the body objecting to the intruding chemicals.

She can start to desensitize her body to these intruders by removing them from her diet. She has a real sensitivity to dairy products at this time and eliminating them will help with the headaches. Salt reacts in a catastrophic manner in her body as well. The more processed a food, the bigger a reaction it gets.

If she were to begin eating a high-density nutrient diet, mostly fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, and some grains, she would see incredible results. Her body has the ability to completely heal itself if the right fuel is available to it.

Twin Souls

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, could you explain a bit about twin souls? I am not sure that I believe in this phenomenon. I have been told that my friend and I are twin souls and that through many lifetimes we have worked together to help each other grow.
Now, we seem to be at a stage where there is some ill-feeling and we’re not helping each other at all. What has happened here? I would like our relationship to be mutually beneficial again.   ~Angela

ANSWER: Your twin soul is the last part of the Source that you separated from when you became a unique person. They are sometimes referred to as Siamese twins that have been separated. To find your twin soul, or flame as it is sometimes called, makes you feel complete as you cannot feel complete by yourself. Most of the time twin souls do not make arrangements to meet on Earth because all they would be concerned with is each other and they would not get to the learning of their lessons.

What is more common is to work with members of your soul group. These are the souls that came into being at the same time your soul did. They number up to 144, but you have intimate relations with only about 12 to 24. These are the souls with whom you make all your major contracts before coming to Earth. You have been with them many times and they know you the best.

Your friend is a soul mate. Contracts were made between you to stimulate learning about various lessons while you were both here. You have completed most of those contracts and now, to maintain a friendship, you will have to work at it, just as you would for any friendship involving a non-soul mate, to establish a plan to assist you both in your growth.

Change in marital bliss

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, my husband and I have what seems to be a very karmic relationship. Our relationship started out very peaceful and in sync, but after 19 years of marriage, it has exploded into something I just don’t know if we both can get through. I feel like it’s spiraling out of control. What happened??  ~Toni, USA

ANSWER: Souls make agreements to come together on Earth for specific purposes. Once they have finished those agreed events they sometimes find they no longer have anything in common. This is what has happened to you and your husband. The beginning of your relationship found both of you assisting each other and learning a ton of lessons. Things then began to slow down as you had less and less need for the other’s input.

You are now trying to find reasons to interact. Since you don’t have any previously planned things left, you each are seeking totally different things; this creates a conflict. While before it seemed to be a seamless path from one lesson into the next, now it is a struggle even to find a connection.

Decision time has arrived for the two of you. Remember, nothing is right or wrong in your Earth journey. For each of you to continue to grow you are going to have to change, because your current activities are interfering with progress. You may have to be apart for each to find solace. If you remain together you will have to have an agreement, or ground rules, as to behavior in the house. In all things, each of you  should honor yourself and the life you are living.