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The nature of the soul

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

QUESTION: Dear Masters, you have mentioned that Source decided to have something other than its complete greatness and that is when it started breaking off pieces to create souls. Could you please explain why this is and whom it benefits? I suppose the concept of benefit is an earthly one, but I am confused by the Source’s need or desire to do this at all. After these souls are created, they must go through a long journey of incarnating to learn lessons, only to eventually become one again with the Source from which they originated. If the whole point is to return to your original place with the Source, why did we not stay a part of it to begin with? Is this simply a way that the Source expresses itself? If so, why must it be compelled to? Is this cycle simply the nature of the Source? Thank you very much for any wisdom you choose to share.                          ~Louisa, USA

ANSWER: The Source didn’t choose to have something other than its complete greatness but rather to gain more wisdom of the nature of itself to better appreciate the essence of its own perfection.

You are correct that the concept of benefit is a judgmental one in most cases, but here it may be used to acknowledge an addition to the knowledge base that Source already possessed. Source, of course, gained in this instance, but so did each and every piece of Source.

Source had no need for this information, just a curiosity of how parts of itself would behave in a situation that was less than perfect and, in fact, negative as compared to the positive energy of unconditional love. Never having been present in anything but perpetual positive energy, Source could now experience something that had not even existed before it decided to create this new world.

Each soul makes its own choice whether to participate in this experiment or to remain at Home acting as guide for the other participants. Everyone always remains an integral part of Source. Their challenge is to see how much of their true essence they can remember and uncover while still in a human body.

Rewriting the past

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, I find I have a great difficulty in making decisions and in moving on with my life. Often I do not know where to go and what to do. My Akashic reading said the reason for this is that I have several blockages in my energy matrix that were caused by mind programming during my incarnations in ancient Egypt and Atlantis. What can I do to get rid of these mind programs? Is there a practical way to “reset” my energy matrix back to its original state free from any distortions? I am drawn to the idea of thinking about my mind as some sort of software. I would like to program it to make my life divine. Can you tell me if this is a good idea, and if so, what are the most effective and practical means to change my mind?           ~Markus, Germany

ANSWER: What you are referring to as mind programming, we call a person’s belief systems. While some people relate this term only to religious ideas, it has to do with the way you manage every aspect of your life. Belief systems are the rules by which you allow your life to be controlled. If you have created the rule that you cannot move on because you will not succeed or don’t have the necessary expertise to do so, then you will be mired in concrete.

Belief systems normally don’t follow a soul from life to life, but if the person has established very strong wishes and desires, those beliefs will stick like glue until they are deleted or overwritten. You are correct that this is a software problem. You have a program, or two, telling you that the desired stage necessary before you can move on has not been reached.

In both Egypt and Atlantis you were apprenticed, first to an architect and then to a wizard, and in both cases they set extremely high standards of learning before you could be allowed to go out on your own. This life finds you searching for your knowledge without a structured environment. You therefore determine when you are ready to move on.

To be free of these strong feelings from the past, you must overwrite that program with a faith in yourself and the universe. Follow the path of discovery you wish to be on. Know that you can do whatever it is that you wish to experience.

Divinity is what you will achieve when you adjust your programming. Every step toward knowing and understanding yourself is a move toward the divinity that is your soul.

Dislocated neck bones

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

QUESTION: Masters, can you please tell me how it came about that the Atlas (the first cervical vertebra) is dislocated in most human beings? Does having it corrected provide a beneficial assistance to us in our soul journey? Does a correction benefit our health as well?         ~Annette, UK

ANSWER: As the human body evolved throughout the centuries, bone structure adapted to the demands put upon it. At first, man walked very much hunched over as he went through the stages of development. The current human skeletal configuration came from more than one point of origin, resulting in slightly different musculature.

The muscle and tendons of the skeleton hold the bones in their positions. This enables some bones to slip in position, causing dislocations and herniations. If these conditions put a strain on the energy flow through the body, they further contribute to physical difficulties. If the body becomes used to the anomaly and it causes no problems, it does not need to be corrected.

The physical body is a container for the soul. If there is not a specific physical condition necessary to complete the soul’s journey, correcting something that is not a part of a lesson will not make the whole soul journey easier.

As to health, if the position is creating a blockage of any energy or nerve path through the body, a correction may be beneficial. If there is no blockage, it is like doing cosmetic surgery on an area of the body merely for self-esteem reasons.