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Fear, the harbinger of disaster

Friday, March 21st, 2008

Q. Masters, I try my hardest to make a success of everything that I do, and right now that is the stock market. Whatever I do, though, has met with total and absolute disaster. I fear that I will lose all of my money. Can you give me an idea what it is that I am doing wrong? Is there some pattern of activity that will ensure my habitual success?

A. The very tenor of your question gives you the gist of your problem: fear! Whenever you interject fear into any scenario, you have already started the slide into failure. All of your thoughts create an energy pathway that your actions follow.  When you program for failure, you achieve that end.

Ask yourself why you started into this field in the first place when you did not have faith in your own abilities and didn’t have a plan or pattern that you observed to be productive. Were you convinced that it would be a fast and easy way to get rich? Nothing is further from the truth when you have no idea what you need to do.

We cannot give you a “pattern” because each set of situations has different solutions. In a place like the stock, bond, or futures markets there are literally thousands of variables that generate the ups and downs each day. Each one of those variables is connected to one or more souls, and each soul has its own freedom of choice to make and change its decisions.

The only way to be successful in the market all the time is to have “dumb luck” or to be enlightened enough to “feel” the trend (pathway) of the energy surrounding each offering. When you are sensitive to energy, instead of spending time “thinking” about what might happen, you meditate on which way the energy is pointing and go with the flow.

This principle of feeling versus thinking can be applied to every activity in your life. Fear arises when you want to control something but realize that, in fact, control is an illusion and you have none. Spend your time learning to sense energy and then just ride it to its destination.