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Dream interpretation

Friday, March 7th, 2008

Q. Masters, I keep having this dream about people who used to be in my life but are no longer. In the dream, after I see these people and they appear to be in very poor health on death’s doorstep, the scene enlarges and I am aware that all of this is taking place in the house where I grew up. My mother is there and she is asking me if there is anything that I wish to take along with me. Can you tell me what this dream means?

A. You are at a crossroads in the growth of your spiritual awareness. Things are becoming much clearer to you, and you are being tested to see if you have the conviction of the new beliefs you have accepted. As each choice is presented to you, go inside and see if it feels like the place that you wish to inhabit.   

The people in your dream are souls with whom you had dealings in this lifetime, and you have completed the tasks with them for which you had contracted. They are now “dead” to you regarding any further need to interact with them. They are still around, however, because you do still have the freedom of choice to continue to have dealings with them if you choose.

The scene is your childhood home because that is where you developed the first belief systems that regulated your behavior. Your mother is asking if you still want to hang on to those old beliefs or if you have moved on and made your own decisions as to how you wish to live your life. Are you finished with the old so that you have room for the new?