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Radio waves and chakra blockages

Friday, March 14th, 2008

Q. Masters, It has been over one year since I have spoken on a cell phone. The last call, which was also my only cell phone call since having a brain tumor removed 2 years ago, closed my crown chakra almost completely. This feels like I am wearing a swim cap inside my head, at best, and sometimes worse than that. Please comment on the effect of cell phones on brain function, the non-physical field, and overall health. Advice on reopening a closed crown chakra would also be helpful.  P.S. Thanks for providing plenty of laughter, a saving grace.

A. All humans have varying sensitivities to energy. Some people can lie under high tension wires and feel absolutely nothing and experience no side effects. Other people develop blockages within their bodies, frequently diagnosed as cancer, when they are merely in the vicinity of those same energy fields. This has also been known to occur in susceptible individuals from exposure to television sets and computer terminals.

A cell phone is both a transmitter and a receiver that captures and generates energy fields. As mentioned above, people may spend their entire waking life with the phone glued to their head and suffer no ill effects, or use the phone once, as you did, and create an energy blockage. Since the entire human body functions with electrical impulses, anything that changes or impedes the flow can be felt—subject to people’s awareness of their physical and non-physical body.

You are hypersensitive to wave-form energy because of your surgery. You also have developed a very keen sense of the flow of the pranic (Chi) energy throughout your chakras and body. What you are perceiving would not be recognized by the majority of the population. As we mentioned in our post on the chakras, keeping them clear and moving can be done by meditation, visualization, intervention of an energy worker, or intention. Building up a full, steady flow of energy through the tube will help clear out the crown chakra.

Our pleasure on providing laughter—we believe people should enjoy their earth experience.