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Astrology and soul mates

Monday, March 17th, 2008

Q. Masters, I have been a student of astrology for many years and have been able to relate to people better when I take their birthdates into consideration. It is very apparent to me that birth charts tell a lot about how people are going to react in various situations. My question has to do with two individuals who are born on the same date. I have noticed that a very famous actor was born on the same date that I was and that a lot of our interests are the same. Are we soul mates?

A. Astrology, generally recognized as the influence of the planets upon the human body, has been documented throughout human history. The moment of birth gives you an indication of the potential that the incarnated soul has within that particular body. It does not determine what is going to happen to that person, just what the energy background will help to facilitate.

Souls may take their initial potential, determined by the planets at the time of their birth, and ride along with it without making any changes, or use it as a springboard to propel themselves beyond their natural inclinations in a direction of their choosing. They would appear then to  differ greatly from others of their astrological sign.

Throughout your planet, with its population of billions, there are many people who are born on each of your earth days. Take for instance your large women’s hospitals that specialize in maternity care; every day perhaps a dozen babies are born in each. When you consider that we generally make contracts with, and come to planet Earth with, no more than a dozen or so of our soul mates, it is easy to see why a shared birth date does not indicate the co-existence of a soul mate. It is not impossible but very improbable—unless the other person is an identical twin with whom you sought to spend an entire lifetime! But that does not always mean twins are soul mates either.