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Controlling your health

Monday, March 3rd, 2008

Q. Masters, when I am at work, and really don’t want to be there, it is very easy for me to be overcome with “the illness of the week” around the office. I have noticed that as I drive out of the parking lot I feel better, and by the time I am home I am hardly sniffling at all. Is the building that I am working in one of those “sick buildings” that I have read about where the air quality is bad and all the workers contract weird illnesses?

A. No, you are not in a “sick building.” What you are experiencing is the physical body’s ability to control the balance within itself to the extent that it may cause, or cure, illnesses. You mentioned that this “ailment” came on when you were in a place that you did not really wish to be. Your physiological body response was to do something about that. It would be impossible for you to remain at work if you were “sick,” or worse yet, “apparently contagious,” so your body assumed those characteristics. 

As soon as you left the dreaded place, you began to feel better; as you neared home, a place of refuge, you were better yet. You are exhibiting the ability all people have to control their bodily systems.

Following this model, the next time that you have let your defenses down and been invaded by an alien germ source, use these same abilities for monitoring your body’s condition and send the germ packing. Remember what it feels like to be in that zone of health, and return your body to it, repulsing the invaders. This can work with all causes of dis-ease within the body – if you have the faith in your own abilities.