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There is truth in your feelings

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, my Wife, Peggy and I worked as mediums giving private sittings and serving Spiritualist churches for 24 years. Peggy passed away on the 1st November 2014 and life has changed dramatically, I want to know if I am receiving thoughts from Peggy, which do seem very real, or am I just deceiving myself? We did say before she passed that we would be in touch if possible but grief seems to get in the way. ~Graham, UK

ANSWER: You and your wife had both agreed before incarnating that you would dedicate a portion of your life to assisting others, which you did with fantastic success. You spent so much time together and on your avocation that you were like one. It was decided at some time during this Earth experience that she would leave you and help provide additional assistance from the Other Side while you continued from here.

As you are well aware, the clearest information comes through when the medium’s own thought are put to rest and the mind open to vibrations coming from beyond. Because of your human emotions when it comes to your beloved, it is still slightly difficult for you to prevent your memories from adding input. That will diminish with time when you totally accept the spiritual vibration from beyond to replace the physical emotions from your human memory.

Peggy is definitely adding information to your readings. She is also with you when you meditate to console you in accepting the difference in your personal vibrational level. You will find that, with her assistance from the Other Side, messages will come faster and more in depth than ever before. Relax and let it flow.

You and she are from the same soul group, as you already know. You have shared a number of lives together that have always ended in one of you returning Home to bolster the energy of the one who remained. She is there in all ways but the physical. She loves you dearly and cradles your head at night as you fall asleep.

What’s it all about?

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

Question: Masters, I have been longing for “something” all of my life. Several years ago, I looked up to the night sky and asked “what’s this all for anyway?” It wasn’t long thereafter that I began seeing images on rocks. I thought it a fluke but over time I developed a complete awareness of the fact that every rock has “something” on it. It progressed further to tree bark, driftwood, leaves, and even landforms (viewable from Google earth). Whether or not this newfound “ability” is somehow taking me down the right path towards my answer would be my question to you. Also, how do I proceed? I’m feeling as if I am going nowhere in my quest for finding “truth” about what we are here for, from where we came, and for where we are going. ~Roger, US

ANSWER: You, just like every other soul having a human experience, came into being to learn what powers and abilities you have and how you can integrate your spiritual essence within your physical being. Everything in existence is composed of energy, and energy is everything. Your essence is all-powerful, knowing, creative, and magnificent.

At first you chose some life lessons to deal with, such as understanding yourself, having confidence in your abilities, and realizing your self-worth. Now you are exploring. Humans create their own realities by the use of their powers. You opened yourself to seeing the energy inside of inanimate objects to feel their purpose in your reality.

“Truth” is an elusive concept. Whose truth is it you seek, since each of you creates your own? If you want to find what society accepts as the reason for things happening, you will have to use their yardstick of judgment. Third-dimensional humans rate, grade, and condemn everything as they see fit. Souls having a spiritual journey observe something, evaluate whether they can use it to become wise, and make no judgment as to whether it is right or wrong.

Since you create your own illusion by your choices, where humans came from, why they are here, and where they are going varies with the creator. The role each human plays in a visit to Earth has little or no connection to the person’s previous lives. The question of past or future, then, cannot be answered until the soul makes its choices. After all, you may choose to live on another planet next.

Frustrated, I want it easier

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, I am very confused!! I am confused about my spiritual growth as to how, where and when would I get a right direction. I am confused as to how can I control my anger, negativity and hatred. You always say to accept, love and forgive yourself and others, but how do we change our feelings is never explained. Don’t you think it is easier said than done?? I feel like I have been trying and failing since many lifetimes!! Please advise ~Pbm, India

ANSWER: It is a universal law of spiritual awakening that you draw to you what you wish to experience, and you are always exactly where you had decided to be when you are there. Stop trying to make things more confusing than they already are. Start accepting the path you tread, and live in the present moment without re-examining the past or trying to micro-manage the future.

No one is going to tell you what to do. Observe what is around you and go in the direction that feels the best to you. Anger, negativity, and hatred are choices. When something confronts you, you always have two choices: you can fight it or sit observing it, learning what not to do.

It is time to put your ego, which is what causes you to constantly judge things, out to pasture so you can learn without negativity. You can be hurt by the thoughts and actions of others only if you accept their opinions as true. Constantly ask yourself if you believe they are right in their judgments about you. When you know they are not, just ignore them and think positive thoughts. If you think they have some credibility, make the decision to change by becoming more positive.

If you do not judge you can never be angry, hateful, or negative. You are having problems changing because you allow yourself to react to others without thinking. Stop before you do anything in response to others, and ask yourself how you want to respond to them. Take your time with life and you will see it in a whole different light.