There is truth in your feelings

QUESTION: Masters, my Wife, Peggy and I worked as mediums giving private sittings and serving Spiritualist churches for 24 years. Peggy passed away on the 1st November 2014 and life has changed dramatically, I want to know if I am receiving thoughts from Peggy, which do seem very real, or am I just deceiving myself? We did say before she passed that we would be in touch if possible but grief seems to get in the way. ~Graham, UK

ANSWER: You and your wife had both agreed before incarnating that you would dedicate a portion of your life to assisting others, which you did with fantastic success. You spent so much time together and on your avocation that you were like one. It was decided at some time during this Earth experience that she would leave you and help provide additional assistance from the Other Side while you continued from here.

As you are well aware, the clearest information comes through when the medium’s own thought are put to rest and the mind open to vibrations coming from beyond. Because of your human emotions when it comes to your beloved, it is still slightly difficult for you to prevent your memories from adding input. That will diminish with time when you totally accept the spiritual vibration from beyond to replace the physical emotions from your human memory.

Peggy is definitely adding information to your readings. She is also with you when you meditate to console you in accepting the difference in your personal vibrational level. You will find that, with her assistance from the Other Side, messages will come faster and more in depth than ever before. Relax and let it flow.

You and she are from the same soul group, as you already know. You have shared a number of lives together that have always ended in one of you returning Home to bolster the energy of the one who remained. She is there in all ways but the physical. She loves you dearly and cradles your head at night as you fall asleep.