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Who are we?

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters can you tell us about being aware of who we really are, right now on Earth as humans? And also give us tips on how to connect with You and our Presence of I AM? Thank you from my heart! ~Erica, Brazil

ANSWER: Being aware of who you are is the process of bringing your spiritual essence, your “I AM Presence” as you have called it, into your total consciousness. Often this is called the process of enlightenment. It begins by accepting the human life you are involved in and loving the fact that you chose to partake in learning through negativity.

Let’s back up a bit and determine word meanings, since your language is seldom specific in its implications. Souls originated by being separated or broken off from Source energy, which was the only existence in the universe until it decided to divide. Religions have referred to this as the I AM Presence or Supreme Beingness.

Since each soul’s essence is of Source, it has all the same characteristics and abilities as Source. Recognizing that you have these abilities and learning to use them while on Earth in a physical body is connecting to your I AMness. We are but a part of the whole, just as you.

Earth is the only place that exists as a duality of negative and positive. When Source created individual souls, it did so to find out what it was not. It was already aware of its perfection, which included being all-knowing, all-powerful, all-creative, and all-magnificent. Source existed in an all-positive, unconditionally loving environment with no negativity and no judgment. It wished to know what the opposite of itself was like, which could only be achieved in negativity. Earth would become its antithesis, where each soul would have total freedom of choice to learn through experiencing.

Work toward removing all egoic judgment from your life. Replace all negative energy and experiences with positive, loving ones. You will then be in your oneness and connected in a knowing way to all that is, including us.

Blessed Virgin and saints

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters there have been many appearances of the Blessed Virgin Mary and other so called saints. Can you explain this? Did Mary give the children of Fatima the prayer called the rosary or is this just a Catholic teaching? Did she actually appear to these children and is she making appearances now as some people claim? ~Joanne, United States

ANSWER: Let’s start with the easiest question: only the Catholic Church has something called a rosary. It was a suggestion made to the children to assist in summoning the energy of Mary and to help set the energy of love. It also was like a visualization and meditation that reduced their fear. A similar practice has been used by a number of religious persons throughout Christendom, including Saints Alan and Dominic. Some other religions have prayer beads that they use to produce the same state of thought and meditation.

Souls who have been recognized for activities while on Earth return to souls having a human experience to encourage them and help them understand the lessons those souls mastered while human. The soul known as Mother Mary, the Blessed Virgin, Mother of Jesus, etc. is the epitome of unconditional love. She has visited a lot of human beings in order to let them experience that love and find ways to share their understanding of it with others.

Many souls who have become Masters of aspects beneficial to those living in the duality make contact and teach or relate their wisdom. The Masters who channel knowledge through countless humans are all part of this cadre. It is quite difficult for them to visualize a body, so most of the communication is done through mental telepathy or thought transference. The information that is transcribed to answer the question on this page is received in this fashion.

Listening to self or others?

Tuesday, February 17th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, I am in a difficult situation in my life at the moment. The love of my life is trying to protect me with something and is asking me to stop with what I love doing and think I am good at doing! Been through a written test and passed but just got a little way to go for my practical test before being approved. Worked so hard with this but also know he might be right to protect me. I know working with the Spirit World can be risky and I know that I can attract some who are fascinated with me but most of the times I protect myself and my Family. Just don’t know what to do, do I stop because already know what I am good at or carry on, please need some advice! ~SC, Holland

ANSWER: Someone can get you to do something only if you agree. Your love does not totally understand what it is that you can do. His advice to you is coming out of fear – not to protect you but to lessen his own fears. Because he is a very physical person he dreads anything to do with the nonphysical. There are many more beautiful and beneficial spirits drifting around than negative discarnates. Any time you are working to aid another, healing guides are present and more will come if you ask.

He feels negative energy easily because he associates with a lot of negative people. He doesn’t know how to bring in positive energy to combat it. He is afraid that when you assist clients in getting rid of negativity, it will attach itself to you and therefore come visiting him.

You are extremely careful and proficient at dealing with negative entities. If you continue protecting yourself and your surroundings, you will not gather any attachments. After a treatment, removing any negativity in and around returns it to other negative deposits or helps it go into the light.

The more you work with universal life-force energy and unconditionally loving Source energy, the stronger and more efficient you will find your work. Every soul has total freedom of choice. You should not let him make up your mind for you – do what feels like your path. You have very rapidly become passionate for this work, and it will only get better.