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Outside influence

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, why am I having these dreams, is it a “negative spirit”, am I under attack? I keep having dreams that my husband is being unfaithful in different scenes whether it’s in this life or a past life being portrayed and in these dreams there is always a voice telling me he does not love me, or I am not loved at all by anyone, accompanied by overwhelming feelings of deep sorrow and dread and terrible heartache that feels extremely real. This voice (in my dreams) is also telling me to commit suicide even though I am not suicidal & do not act on these things. I am mentally exhausted and extremely depressed when waking, feeling alone and hopelessness. This has been happening for three years now ever since we moved into this apartment. I am writing to you now as I wake from another night full of these nightmares. ~RDV, United States

ANSWER: Your current apartment came with a trio of discarnate negative souls who have not moved on after their physical death. They are having their idea of fun with you. The one who committed suicide is trying to get you to do the same. The other two were an adulterous couple who were discovered and killed by the husband of the woman. They are playing out the last of their lives within your dreams.

Your husband is not a part of this at all. They have not attacked him because he sleeps too deeply and doesn’t remember his dreams. These are their fantasies, not actual fact. They are trying to see if they can get you to believe in the truth of their stories and take rash actions as a result. They feel this would help validate their lives.

Start sageing your house: use smudge sticks of sage and walk around the apartment, getting it into all the corners. Ghosts hate sage smoke. They also can’t stand candles—the light is too bright for them. When you go to sleep at night, ask your guides and the archangels, particularly Michael, to come and protect you and send the discarnates away.

When you feel their presence, or hear them, tell them to depart and that you no longer wish to have them in your home. You can express the same thought periodically throughout the day to let them know you are onto their games and don’t want to play. They need to move on—preferably into the light, but definitely away from you. Some of the negative energy sticks to you when you awaken after a particularly strenuous night. Shower or take a bath using a little bit of sea salt rubbed on your skin to break their connection.

Never good enough

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, although my mother stays with us, her heart is always in favor of her sisters & their children. She makes me feel that if I do not manage things for her or take care of her, then she can always call on her sisters. She wants to do the things, which is not suitable for our family at current time. Why is she treating me like this from my childhood? I am now 35 yrs & she is getting older. I can very well use my powers to make her feel miserable, but my heart does not permit me to take strong actions. What could be the way that she would be in favor or me instead of her sister? I think that if she is staying with me, I am going to take care of her, why not I get her favor as well as her trust. ~Rajkumar, India

ANSWER: Your mother is a fearful, tyrannical, very confused lady. She was always babied by her family and when married was forced to assume responsibility for the first time. She longs for the carefree days of being coddled by her sisters. You represent that responsibility she does not want to assume. She figures if she is nasty enough to you, she will be able to get you to cower from her while still being her slave.

Your enlightenment has caused you to realize these are life lessons both of you are working on, and holding back your negative urges shows you have learned the fruitlessness of the lesson of retaliation. She is not on a path of growth, and until she chooses to go in that direction you will never get the respect and trust you seek from her.

She is looking “over the fence” into her sisters’ yards and seeing the way life was, and that consumes her desires. All you can do is suggest she ask her sisters if she can go and live with them, or else she is going to have to change her attitude toward you.

She is your mother in the physical sense, but on a spiritual basis she is just another soul on a journey that parallels your path. You have societal beliefs as to how you should treat her, but spiritually you may sever all ties if you desire. The biggest lesson you have in this situation is realization of your freedom of choice to decide your own future. You have been patterned with belief systems from society, your family, and religion, but you have the ability to pick and choose which rules and regulations you want to control your life.

Dealing with others

Tuesday, February 19th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I noticed I have rather hard time keeping relationships alive. I keep people at the distance. I see there is a lot of contradiction in my behavior. I like to be among people but somehow I find it hard to mix with them and to become a good friend. What can I do to change it? What do I not see? Please help me to understand more. Could it be something I carry from my past lives that make me feel a little bit alienated? ~Malgorzata, Poland

ANSWER: You desperately want people to like you and think good things about you. Your definition of how you are doing in life is dictated by what you believe other people think and say. You have developed a pattern of not interacting with others on the premise that if they don’t really know you, they won’t think anything negative about you. All of this stems from the fact that you do not love yourself and are extremely self-critical.

You fear that once you get to know people, they will be able to detect the lies you hold inside—primarily that you don’t really like yourself, so why should they like you? Others can detect your hesitancy to commit to any connection with them, so they move on. You fear having to commit to a relationship because you don’t want to be controlled.

All the relationships you have examined in your life have been ones in which there is a dominant person and a subservient one. You have experienced some of these firsthand. You have not seen a sharing partnership. To share, you have to open yourself up and bare your innermost fears and joys. You are afraid that would allow your lack of love to darken everything.

The step you need to take is finding out why you cannot seem to accept yourself as you are. You are a piece of Source and have all the same magnificent abilities and traits. Your essence is unconditional love and is shared with the universe. Spend time connecting with that energy and you will find your love; then you can share that love with the souls who will be drawn to your magnificence.