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When a baby dies

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, 14 years ago I had premature twins but one passed away at the hospital a week after being born. Can you tell me why she died and where she is now? Does she know who I am and that she has siblings? Has she tried to contact us? Does her spirit or soul remain a baby or does it grow like humans do? Does she look after us? Can I talk to her and get a response? ~Rosemary, USA

ANSWER: Your darling little daughter had entered into contracts with a ton of people who would be affected by her returning Home. It was agreed she would just spend a tiny amount of time on Earth before leaving. You and a number of your family and associates wanted to experience the feelings of abandonment, lack of control, sorrow, grief, and wonderings such as you have presented here. These agreements were determined before your souls came to human form.

All of humanity is composed of souls who are on Earth to experience negativity so they may make choices about how to live their lives. Once souls leave their human shells, they are unconditionally loving balls of energy—unless they choose to manifest bodies so they might communicate with people who need to see them as they remember them.

Souls are aware of everything that exists. Yes, while at Home, the soul that was in your daughter was totally familiar with what was happening within your lives. In an attempt to soothe your burden, she stayed around you for a while to see if you would feel her energy. She has now moved on and come back to Earth as another little girl in South Africa. Due to amnesia, she has only a fleeting idea of the time she spent with you and her siblings. Once she completes that cycle and returns Home, she will have full knowledge of the time with you.

Because she has come back to Earth, her conscious mind has control right now, and it is not possible for you to talk to her soul. It may be possible to meet her in the dream state since both of your conscious minds will be asleep and your unconscious soul will be in charge of your dreams. Go to sleep with the idea of making contact. It may take a while, but her soul will get the message and, if it is curious, will come and join you as you sleep. Her soul sends you love.

When to intervene

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I am stuck with a dilemma. I know of someone who has done many wrongful and nasty things to people for his greed and self-interests. The results of his actions have left these individuals who they called him friend, emotionally distressed and scared. My conscious mind is telling me that I should report him to the police for he is wanted by them, and that he doesn’t deserve to be free. Another side of me is telling me that I should let god deal with him. Sometime my conscious mind tells me that he is the devil and that it is my duty to put him away. What should I do in this situation? ~Frank, Canada

ANSWER: As with all things, a soul has total freedom of choice in the decision-making process. There is no right or wrong, and no one from the positive side of the nonphysical world is going to tell you that you should or must do one thing or another.

Souls come to Earth to learn lessons. They are aware that society has established rules and regulations and there are consequences for not obeying them. People have the freedom to choose what they wish to do. If they choose to disobey the desires of society, such as by breaking the law, they can expect to be subject to the penalties of mankind for their wrongdoing.

You are in a position of being able to see what others are blind to or ignore. If you report him to the police, you would be considered by your neighbors as a good citizen since you are removing him from a place of harming others. You are not using any form of judgment from your own mind but are rather assisting society in enforcing the agreed-upon laws. You are evaluating that he is a wanted person, you know where he is, so you are assisting the police in the performance of their job.

His journey is his own. There is no need to try to classify him based on the lessons he has chosen. For your lesson, stepping back and seeing that this is not the type of activity from which you may learn accomplishes your journey. The choice is still yours, but do it from a place of compassion, not anger or fear. Having him taken into custody will forward him on his path of learning.

Changing your life

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I met a man who lives on the other side of the world. This made me realize many things about my life, myself and my fears. After years of wrong choices, lack of self-love and losing my faith in men and relationships I finally found someone who could be good for me and a great, equal partner too. I wasn’t anymore sure if someone like that could exist. I also feel that in the country where I currently live, I’m not ever going to find the right kind of partner or be able to fulfill my long term wishes of having a loving relationship and a family of my own. What am I to do? ~Karin, Finland

ANSWER: You must go into your heart and ask: What do I feel about this situation? What is it I really feel I want to do? You have opened yourself to self-love; let that love direct your future. The first thing you should remember is that as a soul you are all-powerful and can create, and then manifest, that which you desire. You have already started this process by bringing this wonderful man into your life to shoot down all your fears concerning men and relationships.

You chastise yourself for “wrong” decisions. None were truly wrong; they were choices that came to you so you could see what did not work well in your life. The men you met were examples of the kind that would not fulfill you. The realizations you have reached from your past experiences let you now outline exactly what you want from here on out.

Rule one: you have total freedom of choice to choose every aspect of your life. No one can tell you what to do; they can try, but you have the final decision on whether to agree or not. Rule two: nothing is final or absolute in your life’s journey. If a man doesn’t continue to satisfy your needs, get a new one; if a place doesn’t feel right, move; if everything starts to get negative and fearful, stop and see the positive side and move into it. Rule three: see rule one. The choice is always yours.