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Personality projection

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters – several months ago I went into a local shop and was served by the young lady at the counter. She stared at me in disbelief for several long seconds and made me feel nervous and uncomfortable. Now whenever I go in, there is an atmosphere that is palpable and awkward. I would like to ask her what this was all about, but I am too nervous. She cannot be attracted to me as I am too old and scruffy. My question is, what does this young lady see about me or around me that others do not? Is it colours, or my energy field that may be strong due to spiritual work? Is it a quantum field that she can see and doesn’t comprehend? Or have I got hold of the wrong end of the stick completely? This has happened before with people but this is the first time I have really wondered. What takes place here? ~Cooper, England

ANSWER: You and the clerk are from the same soul group so she was able to “feel” your energy when you entered the shop. You have experienced several lives together. Your lives have not always been pleasant and she is sensing some unpleasantness. She is not into her spiritual path too far so she doesn’t think about these possibilities. She is trying desperately to figure out why she has such an attraction to your energy.

Old and scruffy is just the covering you have at this time. In the past you have been attracted to each other. It is the inside, the soul, that defines who you are. In defining yourself in a particular way you begin to think about yourself in those terms even if no one else does. If you emulate your unconditionally loving soul, that is what others see, not the imperfect outer skin.

You do broadcast a powerful field, but then you have the energy of Source within. All can do it but few are unfettered enough by third-dimension ego to be able to. You need to ask why this bothers you so much. You also feel the similar energy within her but are afraid to acknowledge same.  Don’t be nervous about asking her what it is that she senses from you. If you are triggering some past fear, you are doing her a favor by bringing it to the surface so she may resolve this incomplete prior lesson.

With your knowledge you could approach the subject with a little subterfuge. “Hi, I can’t help but have the déjà vu sensation that we have met before; from your reaction to me I can see you are feeling something—can we talk about it?” The freedom of choice that is the standard in the universe allows you to do as suggested, forget it completely, or try to connect your feelings with her. The choice is yours.

Negativity attack

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

Question: Masters, do I have “something” negative attached to me? I know some spirits can attach themselves through a hex or spell from someone. Can you explain to me why these negative thoughts enter my head but leave when I tell them to? Can it be an entity doing this to me? I like to find answers so I can make it stop completely. I want to live in the light and be happy but these types of thoughts come and go a lot and I know it has to be something more. I went to church once and was told I was under spiritual attack. I need help and going back to a church is not the answer for me because whatever is around seems to have some type of control. I have prayed and prayed; that has helped but whatever is going on keeps coming back to me! ~Vincent, US

ANSWER: The world is split into positive and negative in equal amounts. Negative attracts negative and positive attracts positive. When you think negative thoughts, negative energy joins your interaction. Additionally, there are negative discarnates, souls who have left their bodies but not chosen to return to unconditional love, who are around looking to steal positive energy from souls still in their bodies.

Discarnates may attach to a body but may not enter unless they are invited. Negative people and those practicing black magic and things such as voodoo may send negative energies to attach to their enemies. The attachments may be removed, most of the time by the action of the persons themselves. You flood your body with positive love energy and the negativity cannot remain. Choosing to be surrounded with love repels negativity.

Most human default thoughts are negative. Making judgments about your own importance, how others take advantage of you, and getting even for slights from other people draw massive amounts of negativity to you. Watching the daily news broadcasts, reading argumentative materials, and observing violent actions are all based in negativity.

The easiest way to be in positive energy is not to allow negative thoughts to stick around. Find the positive aspect of everything in your life. Love life and all people even if you don’t agree with what they do. All beings of the light who are raising their understanding of their spiritual journey are beacons attracting negativity. It is similar to moths attracted to a light bulb. Negative energies want to feed off of positive ones. Simply cut off the supply by turning all your thoughts to the positive.

The universe is against me!

Tuesday, September 18th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I am probably at the lowest level in my life. I failed my medicine exams and have been told to leave the course. After five years of doing everything possible to become a doctor and get into medical school, I have fallen at the first hurdle. I can appeal the decision, but it is going to be tough. What life lesson am I supposed to learn? I wanted to become a doctor and that was how I defined myself and thought I would help the world. But now it has all come crashing down. I know I am to blame, but this hurts so badly. Is the outcome of my appeal fate, and god’s way of telling me something better lies ahead? Because right now it feels like the universe is conspiring against me. ~Peter, UK

ANSWER: The universe has no collective consciousness so it is impossible for it to conspire against you. Each soul creates its own reality by the energy it sends out into the universe. You have been so consumed with seeing yourself as a doctor that you have not seen the totality of the work necessary to get there. You have let the picture cloud the present and take the place of some of the hard work required.

Dreams are images that you place yourself into and just expect them to come true. Since you have been “a doctor” for so long, it became a foregone conclusion and not the crowning achievement of much sweat and tears. You are to blame because you saw the goal without the journey. You can still get there, but you will really have to dedicate yourself to your studies and nothing more. The path will have to be the only thing you do until you get to the destination.

Life lessons are the driving force here. You are dealing with discipline, self-image, self-worth, releasing ego, and living in the moment. There are no right or wrong ways for your life to turn out. Don’t spend time “thinking” about what you should do; sit back and let your “feelings” direct you.

There are many ways to help the world besides being a doctor. But why do you even have a need to help others when you have not been able to fully help yourself? Your life will never appear complete until you know yourself and your abilities. Relax, evaluate, feel good about life, and then react or act.