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Saving another

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, my youngest brother has been a drug addict for many years, and he has caused a lot of grief and harm to himself and our father. My father and I believe that he is the incarnation of my grandfather and he has a lot to figure out. My father had a dream in which my brother was given a lethal injection, and then he held him in his arms like a baby. I have told my father that perhaps it is time to let my brother go, because I fear that father gets tired too. I know that my brother makes his own decisions in his life, but can we help him somehow? Can we speak to his guides, and heal with love? What about my father? ~Juha, FINLAND

ANSWER:  You are correct that each soul chooses its own path—most call it destiny. Your brother has chosen a very difficult set of lessons for this lifetime. Your father and the other members of the family were in on his soul contracts because his actions affect all of you. The primary lesson for the members of the family is that you cannot control others, or even get them to do what you want, unless they are willing to make a choice along the line of your desires.

It is very difficult to just sit and watch loved ones apparently destroying their life, but that is what you have to do until they make the decision to change direction. Another of your father’s lessons is to learn to let go. He is not responsible for the choices his son has made. It is common for parents to blame themselves for the actions of their children. Once children become adults, parents must learn to step back and shift the responsibility to them. That is the only way they will learn. Always trying to bail them out facilitates the negative behavior by appearing to  condone the actions.

Your brother is not your grandfather reincarnated, but he does have a lot of lessons to work through. You can give him your love with the intention that he will figure out what he needs to learn. Make your love “tough love,” the kind that says, “I will listen, but I will not let you drag me into your destructive ways.”

He is not listening to his guides at present but they are there, ready to assist when asked. It will help to send him healing energy to understand what he needs to do in order to get out of his vicious cycle. As for your father, help him understand that the decisions are all your brother’s, and your father cannot help him by trying to support or interfere with his decisions. The best course of action is to force your brother to be alone in the decision-making process.

Clarification on choices

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, please can you clarify something for me? Last year I agreed with my guides that I would stay on Earth to work with my husband to help him with some learning. I was ill, and wanted to leave the physical. I was told it was going to be difficult but I would get through it. It is really hard and now I seem to have lost my spiritual connection and can’t seem to grasp how to proceed. We are in some very challenging circumstances, and I know I am learning a lot. Will this situation improve soon, and will my guidance come back? I feel lost and overwhelmed. I do so want to be here, but I need a little relief from the hardships we are facing. ~Bernadette, England

ANSWER: You are still here because of your freedom of choice. Faith in yourself and what you still had to learn kept you here, and you now know that you wish to remain. Some questions have arisen in your day-to-day activities that have lessened your faith in yourself and the process you are undergoing. You were advised that the way would be difficult, but you are fighting it instead of going with the flow and taking advantage of the lessons as you enter into them.

Souls rarely plan to undertake more than they are capable of dealing with. At the moment you are taking a breather. When you separate from your learning you feel lost and alone, but your guides are right there with you waiting to be asked for guidance. They do not tell you what to do but give you the options. Take one step at a time.

The first step is to accept that you have the ability to have the same interaction you had before your illness. You need to know you can be open to your advisors by going into that quiet place where they dwell. You have become so frantic in trying to control your environment that you have not stopped to be present in the moment. Your guides can’t go back into the past or predict the future; they can only help you see the possibilities of the present.

The main difficulty for you is allowing in negativity, which hides the hope for the future. You have the ability to manifest that which you desire, but you have let the nay-saying energy around you take hold. Start being aware of any negative thinking that appears, and banish it by bringing in positive feelings that project your wishes. All is not lost—it just has a layer of dust obscuring it. Go and do some house- and head cleaning.

Dreams and reality

Tuesday, September 4th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, a couple years ago I chose to end a well-paid corporate career in search of a more fulfilling lifestyle, unsure how that might take shape. Not long after, I had a series of vivid dreams that pointed to the possibility of a huge change in life. In each dream, I received a large “windfall” for a personal accomplishment, met with overwhelming feelings of gratitude. They inspired an idea I had to write a memoir based on a personal experience I had written in journals about, something I thought others could relate to and find healing from. Long story short, the book is now in the final editing stages before I send it out into the world. I’m wondering if those dreams were in fact speaking of the success/change that may come from writing it since it would literally be a “miracle” if it were to happen. ~Heidi, United States

ANSWER: You did not do enough research into possible directions before you pulled the plug on your prior career. Once out in the world, your thoughts traveled the paths and byways of change. Because you spent your day exploring different lifestyles, your mind assisted by using the sleep cycle to provide additional prospects.

Is it any wonder that after leaving corporate America, you would go through a huge change unless you returned to a similar employment? Anything that wasn’t in the same vein was going to be vastly different. Corporate life is the ultimate thinking and manipulative world; a fulfilling lifestyle normally involves a feeling connection to others.

Your unconscious did not want you to think of your departure as a failure, so it set up a parameter of wealth, a huge windfall, as being a facet of the future. (A windfall is something that comes without work, without earning it.) Since the desire was for something fulfilling, the pattern was one of recognized success hugely appreciated by others. These are self-fulfilling dreams if you strive to achieve them. Now it is time to manifest what you feel will accomplish what you have dreamed.

No one can predict the future because there are too many variables. As with anybody, whenever you are involved in a project, whatever you say or do has an influence on the outcome. Will the right people needed to promote your book see it? Will you be able to turn the book into a series of lectures or programs that will help others and fulfill your needs? Do you truly believe your story is inspirational enough to help others find their way? It’s time to work on turning those dreams into your reality.