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Between worlds

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, when I was a little girl I used to get upset and cry and say I want to go home when I was already home. I used to be scared to go to sleep at night because I could see and hear things. I’ve always felt different like I don’t belong. I am a grown woman now coming on 30 and am at a loss to know what my purpose is in life and how I can help others as well as myself. My spiritual awareness has heightened as my partner passed away a year and a half ago. I feel him and he tries to talk to me in whispers. People don’t understand and it’s hard for me to get my head around all this. ~Sara, New Zealand

ANSWER: Souls spend a minute amount of time in physical form versus the time spent at Home, or in nonphysical form, in unconditional love. Once the conscious mind experiences or remembers what that state is like, the soul wants to return to that love. It is only when the amnesia of your incarnate state becomes compete that the space between physical and nonphysical blurs.

As a girl, you hadn’t been completely sealed behind your amnesia. The home you remembered was not the Earth plane but rather the point of origin of your soul. It was the comfortable, unconditional love where you were part of an amorphous cloud of energy with all your loving soul mates and guides. The voices you heard were souls from the other side trying to get your attention and to carry on a conversation with you. You shut the door to all of the contact as you grew older.

You have a very strong connection with your departed partner. You have shared many lifetimes together. He has allowed you to hear again through the dimensions between physical and nonphysical. Those you tell about your conversation will think you are hallucinating because they are still only able to exist in the physical world.

Relax and go into your feelings. Does it feel right to be able to share love through the dimensions? Make your own choices; don’t accept what others say if your experiences vary. Your purpose in life is to understand who you are, why you are here, and to make choices to grow in wisdom during this journey.

What causes duality?

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, is the main cause of duality being in the physical? Can you have non-duality in our physical, such as on Earth? What is it like being in non-duality where there are not opposites? ~Greg, US

ANSWER:   Physicality is not the cause of duality, but it is a necessity for getting a benefit out of duality. Source created souls as pieces of itself to enable it to experience what it was not. It was perfection, but yearned to know what the opposite of perfect was. Earth is the arena created to hold all these opposite energies. It is the only place anywhere in existence that has a duality to its nature. A soul learns its lessons by making choices between negative and positive possibilities.

When a soul is on Earth in a physical body, it is for the purpose of learning the lessons it chose. The only way a soul can be on Earth and not be in a duality type existence is on the rare occasions when a soul chooses to have an experience as an animal. It is a choice undertaken by only 1 to 2% of the soul population. Souls may choose to have a lifetime on a different, duality-free planet, during which times they may have a physical body or some other form.

Non-duality involves specializing in having experiences of a particular sort, like dealing with music, philosophy, theological debates, creating physical things, or spending time on anything you desire. In most non-duality places, unconditional love (if it won’t interfere with the experience) is the prevailing energy. The soul creates its own reality, so the choice is up to you.

Spiritualism and ego

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, in the past I met a spiritual instructor. I had admiration in terms of his work and giftedness. He never hides that he’s flawed and a womanizer. He sincerely conveys such clarity of information without imposing or controlling, his personal life tends to be a mess. He tends to manipulate personal relationships and acts the opposite of what he shares which led me to pull away from him and our friendship. I would like to know exactly what were his feelings for me, aside from the attraction he confessed, was he ever genuine in the affection and interest he manifested about wanting to be my friend and working artistically with me, or was all of it a game? Can you clarify what sort of person he really is? Truly spiritual but honestly hypocritical? How he feels presently about the way he dealt with me and my pulling away? ~Lana, UK

ANSWER: There are a lot of people who have researched a subject, know tons about it, can regurgitate that information back to others, but do not understand and live the philosophy or life they preach. You might call them hypocrites, or you might just say that their ego and physical needs exceed their spiritual journey. Some sum up the activity as: “those who know, do; those who don’t, teach.” But teachers who live what they teach fully understand the nature of their philosophy and have made the choice.

Your former teacher at least is honest in proclaiming that he is flawed. But is it a flaw? Only if he judges that he is not doing what he thinks he should be doing. In proclaiming his desires for women he is excusing himself for not being true to one person. He is setting himself up to possibly get sympathy from others and keep them from becoming mad at him for his insensitivity to their feelings.

His feelings for you were the same as for all his other conquests. He will say or do whatever he feels is necessary to get a woman to do his bidding. Then, when he had succeeded, he frequently tires of them, with no hunt to keep him going, and moves on to another. His attraction is to all women in general.

After the cycle is complete he has very little thought for the person—he merely moves on to the next. He did see some qualities in you that he thought would help him in his quests. But all his thoughts and plotting are for himself and his personal gratification, not to share or assist others in their growth.

Ego, thinking only of your physical satisfaction, judging what you desire above all else, has no place in the spiritual enlightenment of the human process. Follow your feelings. Everything in the past was part of your life lessons to understand who you are as a soul having this human experience. Have concern only for your own choices.