The universe is against me!

QUESTION: Masters, I am probably at the lowest level in my life. I failed my medicine exams and have been told to leave the course. After five years of doing everything possible to become a doctor and get into medical school, I have fallen at the first hurdle. I can appeal the decision, but it is going to be tough. What life lesson am I supposed to learn? I wanted to become a doctor and that was how I defined myself and thought I would help the world. But now it has all come crashing down. I know I am to blame, but this hurts so badly. Is the outcome of my appeal fate, and god’s way of telling me something better lies ahead? Because right now it feels like the universe is conspiring against me. ~Peter, UK

ANSWER: The universe has no collective consciousness so it is impossible for it to conspire against you. Each soul creates its own reality by the energy it sends out into the universe. You have been so consumed with seeing yourself as a doctor that you have not seen the totality of the work necessary to get there. You have let the picture cloud the present and take the place of some of the hard work required.

Dreams are images that you place yourself into and just expect them to come true. Since you have been “a doctor” for so long, it became a foregone conclusion and not the crowning achievement of much sweat and tears. You are to blame because you saw the goal without the journey. You can still get there, but you will really have to dedicate yourself to your studies and nothing more. The path will have to be the only thing you do until you get to the destination.

Life lessons are the driving force here. You are dealing with discipline, self-image, self-worth, releasing ego, and living in the moment. There are no right or wrong ways for your life to turn out. Don’t spend time “thinking” about what you should do; sit back and let your “feelings” direct you.

There are many ways to help the world besides being a doctor. But why do you even have a need to help others when you have not been able to fully help yourself? Your life will never appear complete until you know yourself and your abilities. Relax, evaluate, feel good about life, and then react or act.