Personality projection

QUESTION: Masters – several months ago I went into a local shop and was served by the young lady at the counter. She stared at me in disbelief for several long seconds and made me feel nervous and uncomfortable. Now whenever I go in, there is an atmosphere that is palpable and awkward. I would like to ask her what this was all about, but I am too nervous. She cannot be attracted to me as I am too old and scruffy. My question is, what does this young lady see about me or around me that others do not? Is it colours, or my energy field that may be strong due to spiritual work? Is it a quantum field that she can see and doesn’t comprehend? Or have I got hold of the wrong end of the stick completely? This has happened before with people but this is the first time I have really wondered. What takes place here? ~Cooper, England

ANSWER: You and the clerk are from the same soul group so she was able to “feel” your energy when you entered the shop. You have experienced several lives together. Your lives have not always been pleasant and she is sensing some unpleasantness. She is not into her spiritual path too far so she doesn’t think about these possibilities. She is trying desperately to figure out why she has such an attraction to your energy.

Old and scruffy is just the covering you have at this time. In the past you have been attracted to each other. It is the inside, the soul, that defines who you are. In defining yourself in a particular way you begin to think about yourself in those terms even if no one else does. If you emulate your unconditionally loving soul, that is what others see, not the imperfect outer skin.

You do broadcast a powerful field, but then you have the energy of Source within. All can do it but few are unfettered enough by third-dimension ego to be able to. You need to ask why this bothers you so much. You also feel the similar energy within her but are afraid to acknowledge same.  Don’t be nervous about asking her what it is that she senses from you. If you are triggering some past fear, you are doing her a favor by bringing it to the surface so she may resolve this incomplete prior lesson.

With your knowledge you could approach the subject with a little subterfuge. “Hi, I can’t help but have the déjà vu sensation that we have met before; from your reaction to me I can see you are feeling something—can we talk about it?” The freedom of choice that is the standard in the universe allows you to do as suggested, forget it completely, or try to connect your feelings with her. The choice is yours.