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What is being awake?

Monday, September 29th, 2008

QUESTION: Masters, I have been working with a Guru for some time, and he has moved into my house and now wants me to marry him. There are some things about his teachings, and his claim that he is completely “awake” or enlightened, that just do not feel right to me. I have tried to break up our relationship several times and he tells me that I will be bringing all kinds of bad Karma down upon myself if I do not continue to study with him. Am I picking up correct readings from him?

ANSWER: An enlightened teacher does not need to make threats to their students to get them to continue their life’s path. A person is enlightened, awake, fully aware, whatever you wish to call it, when they are no longer in need of ego and wish only that their students follow the path that calls each of them. Students will have many teachers during their journey, and when they can no longer learn from the present one it is time to move on.

Karma to us is a term that is used upon Earth to indicate a punishment for actions chosen. Once a soul has recognized that the true soul energy is unconditional love, and that a duality of opposites such as good and evil only exists upon the Earth plane, it knows that punishment ends with Earth lessons.

Your Guru believes that dark forces must be dealt with, there is punishment for not following his laws, and control must be surrendered to him. He shuns acknowledging that each soul has freedom of choice. He is aware of the influences to the soul in Earth’s third-dimensional plane, but he does not comprehend the unconditional love of the soul essence. He is on his own path, as you are on yours. Each is right for the journeyer.

You were drawn to him so that you might come to the point where you find yourself today. You are sensing that he does not see and feel the connection to Source that has been growing within you as you shed your need for the dependence upon ego. You have reached clarity of your soul. You are using your powers of discernment to exercise freedom of choice. Continue to choose manifestation not control, evaluation not judgment, and unconditional love not fear of evil.