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Completing lessons

Monday, September 1st, 2008


Q: Masters, I would like to see if you can give me some clarity on “embracing” the energy of an experience. Abandonment is one of my current life issues. I started working on it early in life and recently had it revisit me with the passing of my husband. I vowed not to bury my feelings as they arose, but still find that insecurity and doubt becomes overwhelming. What is the best way to make appropriate choices to handle, learn from, and release the need to continue experiencing this lesson?

A: It is refreshing to hear from one who is as open and honest about the human experience as you are. Even when you are aware of the finer aspects of a lesson it does not guarantee that you are going to be able to integrate the feelings with ease.

Your introduction to abandonment was met with a lot of issues related to your tender age. Those around you wanted to guard you against the angst of the situation and this resulted in your burying some of the experience. Other components of the event—your sense of guilt, and inability to forgive them or yourself—contributed to this situation and you were unable to work through the abandonment sensation fully.

During your current bout of abandonment you are also dealing with the need for nurturing. You have an urgent need to assume total responsibility for all the issues of your life. You question from a physical standpoint the spiritual implications of this whole human life cycle. The reactions of family and friends to this loss have also been heaped upon you.

You are now truly embracing the energy of your experience. You are not running or hiding from it. Know that any experience brings with it companion issues that are equally significant even if they do not appear as earth-shattering. Part of the reason this situation is facing you again is for the companion issues and not solely to completely integrate your feeling of abandonment.

Once you complete a lesson of this kind it does not just disappear. When you chose your life lessons they came as a set, some dependent upon the others. You learned the alphabet as a child, and though you don’t now revisit it as a set, that knowledge is necessary for you to read what is written here.

Follow the feelings of your heart and soul as the director of your play. Don’t try to over-analyze what you are experiencing; just feel it, cling to what will help you at the moment, and release the remainder into memory.