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The search for fuels

Friday, September 19th, 2008

QUESTION: Masters, in the frantic world-wide search for oil it seems as if wildlife is going to suffer through pollution. Should we hold off drilling and use corn and sugar to produce ethanol, or should we drill in nature reserves until the cost of wind and solar alternatives comes below the cost of oil? Please tell us if there is a balance that human beings can achieve.

ANSWER: The population upon your planet is split at present between the “me-first” and the “watch-your-footprint” groups. The me-first people believe that they have the right to consume anything that they can get their hands on. The footprint-conscious ones are mindful of the minutest impact that their actions have upon the planet.

From a spiritual perspective, as with all lessons in human form, there are no right or wrong answers or approaches. Natural resources have the ability to be harvested in non-disruptive ways as well as destructive ones.

Drilling for oil does not have to be harmful to the surrounding environment. What must be considered with oil is the transportation and processing of the crude oil to make it usable in the current internal combustion engines where the majority of the pollution occurs. Some of the same pollution may result from the processing of corn, sugar, and soybeans, depending upon the process used.

Wind and solar alternatives, a least on an individual basis, are cost-effective now. The main problem with their use invokes the “not in my neighborhood” syndrome of those who believe they are ugly and they don’t want to look at them. While it is possible to get assistance to install recognized means of heating a residence, the unusual leaves the conservationists on their own to foot the bill.

Balance is in the eye of the beholder.