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Seeing both sides of the coin

Friday, September 5th, 2008


Q: I am absolutely amazed at the situations that have been coming my way. They seem to be of two different kinds, the fabulous and the horrible. You have said many times that we bring to ourselves that which we need to experience, so can you please tell me why I would apparently be getting both sides of the coin? Isn’t seeing the head side enough to know that the tail is on the other side?

A: First, let us say to you that you should never assume anything. If you assume that the coin will always have opposing sides, then stay away from con men for they will use that assumption to fleece you. Assumptions are extremely limiting in that you are so sure an event or fact will occur that you are not open to something more wonderful that may happen.

Now for your question: are you so very sure that the situations you are having are polar opposites? Can’t you see that you are just brushing off experiences instead of delving into them and learning from them? What you are living through are events that are mirroring for you what is and what is not part of each learning experience.

You bring a lesson to yourself to learn. You go through the event, hastily forming assumptions about the outcome. Then, in replaying the way you handled the situation, you derive a “fabulous” experience from observing only the outcome you anticipate or will acknowledge—in other words, only part of the equation. The “horrible” experience arises from replaying all the pieces of the initial event that are needed to completely understand what was being taught—in other words, the pieces that led or could lead to a different outcome.

You need only go through an event once if you are totally open to all its aspects. Look upon your lessons as wondrous things that you have not had the opportunity to learn previously. Don’t make judgments concerning the rightness or wrongness of your life lessons. Feel the sensation of each new adventure, entertaining all the possibilities available to expand your knowledge.