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Sleep paralysis

Tuesday, June 5th, 2018

Question: Masters please explain what sleep paralysis is all about and why some people have them and some people don’t? I started to experience them first time when my spiritual path opened for me. There has been a quite long break for now, but all of the sudden this phenomenon started again. And why there is this presence of a supernatural malevolent being? What does it mean? ~Salla, Finland

ANSWER: Sleep paralysis is a condition in which one gradually becomes aware consciously of their location but cannot move their body or use their voice. It generally occurs while returning to awareness from a sleeping or deeply relaxed state. There are many causes for this, both physically and spiritually.

Physically it can occur because of substances consumed by the person before retiring, such as alcohol or drugs. Sleeping pills are a huge factor. A person who does not have a regular schedule for sleeping, resulting in sleep deprivation, will also find this occurring. Sometimes the position of the body during sleep contributes.

Mental and emotional conditions have a large impact. If one is depressed, sad, anxious, uncertain, or fearful, sleep paralysis can be seen as a way to flee from having to deal with the world. Illnesses, particularly those involving the breathing process, contribute. Genetics and PTSD can also influence.

On the spiritual level, a person who is actively communing with their guides during their sleep cycle finds it difficult, on occasion, to return to the present life because they are in the middle of something in another realm. The physical body needs rest and relaxation time daily, but the soul never sleeps and goes wandering while the body rests.

Out-of-body experiences, astral projection, and sometimes even remote viewing can cause a person to sense that the body is separate from the “mind.” Once a person becomes aware of this phenomenon, they recognize it more frequently though it may have been happening for some time. When the period between awareness and movement of the body is short, some people don’t think anything is preventing them from moving and don’t imagine paralysis is present.

If a soul has been off visiting with other souls, the sensation of another being present is palpable. In wandering the nonphysical world, one encounters malevolent as well as benevolent beings. A spiritually aware soul senses the energy of those nearby and can detect both positive and negative vibrations. No discarnates have attacked or attached themselves to you.


Tuesday, June 5th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters I feel myself in a continuous search loop to change my reality through learning – as I have learned to be the way masters do. How can I change it if I feel my empath mind and body lead me to fragility in this process? Is there a purpose for my soul to be hacking myself and sinking deeper in a void that, taking into account many physical circumstances around me, I pretty much cannot surmount it? ~João, Portugal

ANSWER: A soul creates its own reality and also draws to itself those circumstances it wishes to experience. It is possible to stay in one place and never learn or grow, but that is against all the plans a soul has before coming to Earth. You wished to discover a spiritual approach to understanding and accomplished this through searching for those paths that resonated with you and explained life lessons for you.

Your inner self knows that only through working on the signs that your life lessons provide – fears and doubts – are you able to progress. These appear to you as a conflict between stability and empathy or your inner essence and sensitivities. But for you, these are tools that will take you through your tests and result in education and wisdom.

You are being too critical with all the fantastic success you are actually making. Step back for a minute and see how much you have absorbed and now understand. It has not been comfortable, but then hard work never seems to be.

Voids can be good places because they allow you to observe what is around you without interfering with the view. Voids are nonjudging, sterile places where new ideas, directions, and belief systems can develop and thrive. Embrace the opportunity.

Dispassionately feel what is happening, and don’t make any rash judgments about it. Go with the flow of your life and the universe, visualizing the place you wish to be. Have patience with yourself and the old paradigm in which you have existed for so long. Change is on the way.

Looking for a do over

Tuesday, June 5th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, I am currently really struggling with life. I need to change my career. My marriage isn’t really working for me either. My daughters are all grown. I really want to make a major decision to move to NYC to pursue what has been my passion my whole life-which is to be an actress. I did pursue that career from 21-31 yrs old, with minor success. I left to raise a family, went back to school to be a teacher, and lived a simple life. My husband does not want to move there – which I totally understand. I would be on my own. I guess I am asking if this would be a foolish move or would I find success? ~Patty, USA

ANSWER: There are way too many variables to be able to say with certainty that success is in your future. You stepped away from this profession so long ago that many things have changed and been re-worked since you were in the field. Recognition within the profession and a portfolio of past accomplishments is king.

If you feel this strong urge to jump back in, start small to see if it is really what you have created in your imagination. Try a friendlier location such as Chicago, Nashville, Las Vegas, or even your local theater groups. Talk to an agent about the requirements currently standard for professionals in the arts and also to get an idea about commercials, television, and other possibilities.

Acting is a labor-intensive career and not for the faint or hesitant of heart. It has also been a “grass is greener on the other side of the fence” idea for you. Define exactly what you want out of this life change; you are no longer 21. The majority of older actors in the business are those who payed their dues for decades; few newbies break into the business.

Part of your wanderlust is the unsatisfactory nature of your marriage and feeling a total lack of excitement. You can change this by bringing more things and people into your life. You are a wonderful teacher and could start a new generation of actors by putting on local presentations with the youth. Sure, you would not be the star in the production, but you would be the star in their eyes and those of their families.

A middle-aged or older person can aspire to become, say, an Olympic athlete because they performed well in college in a sport. But they must inventory their body, mind, and spirit’s current state of readiness for rededication to potential physical extremes, reconciling that with the condition of their aging bodies. Be realistic. How does reality dictate where you can go?