Sleep paralysis

Question: Masters please explain what sleep paralysis is all about and why some people have them and some people don’t? I started to experience them first time when my spiritual path opened for me. There has been a quite long break for now, but all of the sudden this phenomenon started again. And why there is this presence of a supernatural malevolent being? What does it mean? ~Salla, Finland

ANSWER: Sleep paralysis is a condition in which one gradually becomes aware consciously of their location but cannot move their body or use their voice. It generally occurs while returning to awareness from a sleeping or deeply relaxed state. There are many causes for this, both physically and spiritually.

Physically it can occur because of substances consumed by the person before retiring, such as alcohol or drugs. Sleeping pills are a huge factor. A person who does not have a regular schedule for sleeping, resulting in sleep deprivation, will also find this occurring. Sometimes the position of the body during sleep contributes.

Mental and emotional conditions have a large impact. If one is depressed, sad, anxious, uncertain, or fearful, sleep paralysis can be seen as a way to flee from having to deal with the world. Illnesses, particularly those involving the breathing process, contribute. Genetics and PTSD can also influence.

On the spiritual level, a person who is actively communing with their guides during their sleep cycle finds it difficult, on occasion, to return to the present life because they are in the middle of something in another realm. The physical body needs rest and relaxation time daily, but the soul never sleeps and goes wandering while the body rests.

Out-of-body experiences, astral projection, and sometimes even remote viewing can cause a person to sense that the body is separate from the “mind.” Once a person becomes aware of this phenomenon, they recognize it more frequently though it may have been happening for some time. When the period between awareness and movement of the body is short, some people don’t think anything is preventing them from moving and don’t imagine paralysis is present.

If a soul has been off visiting with other souls, the sensation of another being present is palpable. In wandering the nonphysical world, one encounters malevolent as well as benevolent beings. A spiritually aware soul senses the energy of those nearby and can detect both positive and negative vibrations. No discarnates have attacked or attached themselves to you.