QUESTION: Masters I feel myself in a continuous search loop to change my reality through learning – as I have learned to be the way masters do. How can I change it if I feel my empath mind and body lead me to fragility in this process? Is there a purpose for my soul to be hacking myself and sinking deeper in a void that, taking into account many physical circumstances around me, I pretty much cannot surmount it? ~João, Portugal

ANSWER: A soul creates its own reality and also draws to itself those circumstances it wishes to experience. It is possible to stay in one place and never learn or grow, but that is against all the plans a soul has before coming to Earth. You wished to discover a spiritual approach to understanding and accomplished this through searching for those paths that resonated with you and explained life lessons for you.

Your inner self knows that only through working on the signs that your life lessons provide – fears and doubts – are you able to progress. These appear to you as a conflict between stability and empathy or your inner essence and sensitivities. But for you, these are tools that will take you through your tests and result in education and wisdom.

You are being too critical with all the fantastic success you are actually making. Step back for a minute and see how much you have absorbed and now understand. It has not been comfortable, but then hard work never seems to be.

Voids can be good places because they allow you to observe what is around you without interfering with the view. Voids are nonjudging, sterile places where new ideas, directions, and belief systems can develop and thrive. Embrace the opportunity.

Dispassionately feel what is happening, and don’t make any rash judgments about it. Go with the flow of your life and the universe, visualizing the place you wish to be. Have patience with yourself and the old paradigm in which you have existed for so long. Change is on the way.