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Understanding our illusions

Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

Question: Masters, you have said before that physical worlds are illusionary, being constructed by each soul, frequently in conjunction with others. How does that apply to earth as it all feels very solid to me? Have all 7 billion souls currently here on earth combined to create this current earth, is it all a great illusion? When I die and return to the spirit world is that also an illusion? Are the Akashic records of all our physical lives an illusion? Is our whole vast universe of 100 billion galaxies also an illusion? Please help to clarify. ~David, UK

ANSWER: Each person who is in a body on Earth is really a soul who has chosen to come to experience the things or lessons they wish to be able to face in the duality of this place designed for human existence. Since all souls are unique, and have chosen tests just for themselves, they need to have an environment that will allow them to create those tasks specific to their desires.

All things are composed of energy. In its essential form, the soul is a cloud of amorphous energy; it is without physical form until its intention adopts a physical body with which to interact with other physical forms. Things feel solid to you because you intentionally place yourself in a situation where you can see, and share, the apparitions (your desired illusions) before you.

A soul always draws to itself the necessary factors to work on a lesson. If you don’t need to be aware of an element that others will use, you have the choice whether to even be aware of its existence. If something has no importance to you, it may interfere with your journey if you acknowledge that someone else has placed it in your environment to assist with their education, so you ignore it.

Some groups of people agree on the need for the same or similar fixtures in their lives, and at that point you begin to have a shared illusion with others – but here again, only with those who need to “see” the same things as you. For example, a staging is needed where you are in the middle of a mountainous area; those involved in the scenario may see it as beautiful and challenging, while those not involved may perceive it as frightening or claustrophobic and therefore avoid it.

When you leave the physical realm, you return to an energetic one where physicality does not exist, so there is no need for illusions. The Akashic records record more than just trips to the duality of Earth; they also record all contacts with other souls and other environments. They are energetic and are accessed at will.

The vast universe you refer to is part of the physical illusion shared by souls having an experience in the duality of Earth. It is background staging for an incarnate soul. Like the stage props in theater or the venue of a movie, some are real and some are digitally generated.

Am I lost in space?

Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, what is happening? There is only space, silence, presence… I am only here, I cannot see my mind anymore. I cannot feel or see fear or doubts even past and future, it’s seems they have disappeared. It’s like a flow that I don’t have any words to explain it. I feel empty and with no words or desires. Only here like: Only being. It seems that I have no words to ask this question differently or even to ask. ~Franc, Canada

ANSWER: You find yourself in what we call the enlightened fourth dimension. It can be unnerving at first because all the signposts have been removed and your direction is up to you. Your mind is a product of judgments made by the ego, and once the ego has been set free, intention drives all. There are no remaining judgments to act as directives. All responsibility has shifted to you.

You are physical, yet you have shed your physically restrictive ego judgment. Having no fears or doubts means that you have completed, or stepped away from, the lessons you chose to address in this lifetime. You are connecting with your essential self, or soul, and everything that happens to you is the product of your intention.

To orient yourself, step back, close your eyes, and “feel” who and what you are. The choice to feel physical emotions such as happiness, sadness, excitement is at your discretion. Without choosing a direction, you feel like a rudderless ship floundering on the ocean.

Connect with your inner self and use the power that is within to restart your engines for more physical experiences, if you wish. The choice is yours.


Consciousness and the ego

Tuesday, May 8th, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, how to reconcile an expanded state of consciousness with the Ego? Are they conflicting? How to harmonize the interests of a high state of consciousness with the immediate interests of an Ego in the third dimension? Is it possible for the Ego to understand Unity? Is it possible for an incarnate soul devoid of Ego? ~Marcos, Brazil

ANSWER: If by consciousness you refer to the spiritual aspects of becoming more aware of who you are as a soul and what powers and abilities that means you possess, then yes, there is a conflict with the ego. The ego is a physical, third-dimensional state where everything is rated, graded, and judged.

Judgment can only occur in the presence of negativity, so a determination can be made that something is better than, greater than, more correct than something else. You are required to have a duality to have opposites, or to determine something is less than perfection, which is the state of unconditionally loving awareness.

To reach enlightenment, or an expanded state of consciousness, one must have moved away from dependence on the ego. Evaluations concerning how much can be learned from a situation replace judging its status.

Ego cannot understand unity because of its sameness. Without a form of grading, ego fails to see anything of value. It cannot comprehend that everything has the same importance and significance with no differences whatsoever.

Incarnate souls who have worked to understand the lessons they chose for that lifetime, and have mastered the wisdom, can remain physically on Earth but rise above the need for ego and judgment. They live in a state of bliss, using their essential powers as souls to continue experiencing physicality.

Clinging to ego is a choice made by each soul who is having a human-life experience. All souls have freedom of choice, and the degree to which they adhere to third-dimensional negative characteristics determines how far they have progressed in their appointed intention to remember who they are as a piece of Source energy.