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Honoring yourself and your lessons

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, I have had some problems with a friend. She’s very afraid of abandonment and loneliness so she was very clingy. I myself am not afraid of being alone since I find happiness from myself. She was quite possessive and jealous, and she admitted that to me but continued without change. I love helping others but after she was threatening me and made me feel bad about myself I cut off our friendship. I feel like a horrible person for doing so, I really hope she’d find happiness from herself but I don’t know everything about her condition, so I feel like I’m judging her. What are your thoughts? ~Juli, Finland

ANSWER: A lesson that presents itself to you does not mean that you have to follow through with the difficulties after you recognize it and make choices concerning it. Your choice here was to continue to let yourself be abused or to do something to move away from it. You chose to separate yourself from the problem and therefore completed that lesson.

Your feeling horrible is only because you have a desire to help others, although you have no spiritual responsibility to do so. Send love to your friend that she might understand her lessons and take the time to work on them. That choice is hers alone.

Finding happiness comes only when one can love the life they have and accept that they have an opportunity to fill it with joy. She has a long way to go to reach such a point, but there is always the possibility for awareness.

You understand that it is important to love oneself, which is why you have no problem being alone and your friend can’t stand being alone; she hates herself and her life. She also depends upon her interpretation of what she believes others are thinking for her own piece of mind.

You appreciate that to enter fully into your spiritual potential, you need to walk away from ego judgment and into loving evaluation. What you have done here is to evaluate that you could no longer subject yourself to her demands and negativity and needed to walk away. That does not make you a “bad” person because there is no judgment here.

The beliefs of others

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, In the book The Disappearance of the Universe, based on A Course in Miracles, Jesus would say that God never created this universe but we did through our mind/ego by way of separation from God. The ego (demiurge) keeps the perpetuation of the universe going. The world is just an illusion, a “bad dream”, and the only way out of this “joyless place” is through forgiveness. It is pure non-dualistic teaching, only God is, and the Higher Self is our allied for returning Home. In other teachings, life is an evolutionary process, a “journey” where we have chosen to play roles of victims and persecutors. We suffered and committed atrocities for the sake of experimenting negativity. I ask myself what could be this Self who planned for us so much suffering and distress life after life, friend or foe? ~Mario, Canada

ANSWER: The perspective of every soul having a human experience is determined by their freedom of choice in deciding the belief systems by which they live their daily lives. All the world is an illusion put together by each soul to complete the lessons they choose to work on while in body.

Accepting, believing in, and living any particular religious belief or practice is within the discretion of the individual. Each author of a philosophy is expressing the beliefs in which they personally choose to exist and what has worked for them in the illusion they have constructed.

There are many, likeminded and conflicting, thoughts about human existences. You have to see which of the established theories resonates with you or if it is time to construct your own to suit your illusion. It is possible to flip back and forth between the possibilities until you feel comfortable.

Your final question is the result of an overload of other people’s beliefs concerning origin, with its cause and effect on planet Earth. The reason behind why you find yourself in your position is not as important as what you are doing right in that place. Knowing how something came about is gratifying but does not help with the nitty-gritty of working through daily life.

Some deep meditation joining with your Higher Self will provide some of the answers you seek. We can tell you the progression of the universe, but it may not resonate with your illusion at this time. Just live in the moment and go with the flow, and what you chose to experience will be brought to you.

“Readings” from beyond

Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, you told me some time ago that I had completed my lessons on Earth. I am 68 and unsure where to go next so consulted a psychotherapist who was also a medium. I wanted information about my past lives which I had failed to get previously. To my astonishment the medium was already in direct contact with my guides who told her that I was from an angelic dimension and this was my first incarnation on earth. My future role was to be a bridge between earth and this dimension in preparation for work after I leave earth. I found this difficult to comprehend and also how I could be comfortable in an earth body on my first incarnation. I also had two benign discarnate entities attached to me which were removed by the medium. Are you please able to confirm or elaborate on any of this information? ~Arthur, UK

ANSWER: A human who receives information from the nonphysical world has many difficulties in reception and interpretation. The information relayed to you by this medium was a combination of your soul’s history intertwined with that of the discarnates that were attached to you.

You have had many previous lives in body, testified to by the ease with which you completed your chosen lessons this life and the comfort level of dealing with humanity itself. One of the discarnates was experiencing its first incarnation and that was why it had not returned Home. You were chosen to attach to because your light shone very brightly to them from the wisdom you had previously gathered.

There is no division, such as a specific angelic realm, when in your soul essence. You are preparing to be a guide from beyond to those choosing to experience Earth for the first or second time once you return from this lifetime.

You have had a plethora of past lives, exploring as many possibilities for lessons as you could. You wanted a “toolbelt” full of wisdom to share with others. One of the reasons you have had difficulty remembering your past lives is that there are not any outstanding incomplete lessons that bring them to mind. Most PLR work deals with bringing forward something that is troubling the client because they need to take a specific action to have it stop interfering with the current life.

Your instincts and intuition are spot on when you stop second-guessing your feelings. You will draw to yourself what you wanted to take care of while here, so sit back, relax, and go with the flow of the universe. You don’t have to be occupied every minute of every day. Take some time to just breathe in the energies.