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Why do multiple people recall being the same historic person?

Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, could you explain why is it that different people have experienced in Past Life Regression, being the same (known) person? For example, Mary Magdalene or Jesus’ Apostle Paul? ~Mischa, France

ANSWER: All souls and Source have insatiable curiosity. Since they came into being in perfect unconditional love, they wish to find out what the opposite of perfection feels like, how it acts, and what it means. That is the purpose for the creation of a duality of positive and negative energy – so that all things are possible.

When a soul desires to answer these questions, it sets up a human existence to explore the possibilities. Usually that entails a complete human cycle from insemination through the growing stages into adulthood. If a soul just wishes to see how a single event “feels,” and if they see a soul preceding them who has had the same experience they desire, they can drop into that soul’s part and enact the event.

Consider that all events in humankind allow for certain sets of activities. Say someone has lived through the Holocaust and endured its atrocities. A soul, while examining the ultimate control of one human being over another, may wish to feel that exact set of physical emotions and distress. Since time is not linear in reality, the soul can just hop back or forward to re-visit and “live” that event.

The factual basis is that they assume the part of that actor, or actress, for the duration of the portrayal they want to have. Want to see what it was like to be Mary Magdalene during the time of the crucifixion? Or Paul during what is now called “Holy Week” ending in the resurrection? How about Charles Lindbergh as he battled across the Atlantic? Or Winston Churchill during Dunkirk? All of these are possible to an eternal soul.

These are not lives – they are incident reenactments. The soul has all the sensations of the original portrayers but is only staying for a brief period of that life. It is like an understudy going on for the main character to get experience.

What is stopping me?

Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

QUESTION: Masters, I broke up a relationship with a person, but we have to live together in the same house until each finds another place to live. I already found another place to stay but is always happening something that distracts me from moving or some obstacle appears and gets in the way of things. I can no longer live with this person because his energy drains me, there is no longer communication between us, he misunderstands everything I say, and I am willing to believe that he does that on purpose. I think he is in trouble with being alone in this world and continues to reflect that on me. What should I do? Can it be that my own fears of being all alone is helping us to stay in that situation? Sincerely I wish to stay alone, but I fear being alone forever. ~Juliana, Brazil

ANSWER: You two are co-dependent upon each other and fear breaking those bonds. Neither one of you wants to have to find another who will put up with your immaturity and lack of taking responsibility. The longer you cling to your living arrangement, the more impossible it will become to break apart.

You and he were never a good match, but you put up with each other because you are so much alike. It is while living together that each of you really saw what the other was like. You have grown in a spiritual sense and crave an openness and a way to further your understanding. He is happy to remain as he is, without growth, as long as someone will take care of him.

You all create your own worlds by the choices you make. If you will not take that step to separate from him, it will become harder and harder. You sense that he is your only chance for love, which is definitely not true, but you don’t want to take a chance on the unknown.

He knows that you do not like conflict but in a way are drawn to it to try and explain it away. That is why he is constantly “misinterpreting” your statements. You have the urge to make him understand exactly what you mean, but he doesn’t really care as long as it keeps you coming back.

If you really desire to find someone who will love you and share your life, stop procrastinating. It is impossible to make a connection with someone else while you are still tied down to this dysfunctional situation. Visualize what you desire in life. Picture the characteristics of a man who will love you. Project that out into the universe and then be ready to make a connection when someone new appears.

What is real

Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

QUESTION: Masters do we create our own reality? If so, then what is real? ~Angela, Canada

ANSWER: All souls are composed of unconditionally loving energy. Everything in the universe is energy and energy is everything. It is amorphous – without form – unless it is given form through the intention of a soul who needs physicality in order to complete a desired lesson.

If you never left the universe of unconditional love, you would not need a physical reality. It is only to complete your learning experiences that it is needed. When in a body form having a human experience, you are ruled by the ego, which demands the ability to rate, grade, and judge everything around you. So, you create the reality needed to fulfill your wishes.

For this purpose, it is insufficient merely to have energy sensations around you. You need something that can be considered by those sharing this life with you, something that is visible to all.

“Reality” in the physical sense has length, width, and depth. Regardless of an object’s appearance to you, it may be interpreted differently by others. The beauty or usefulness of a possession may be vital to you and frivolous to another. The need or desire for a situation will vary with the construction of one’s path.

If you journey away from home, your reality is dictated by what area you enter. You can accept things as others intended them to appear, or you can provide your own interpretation. You may see an item as a work of art or a piece of junk, while its owner appreciates it as a chair.

Reality is fluid; it changes to meet your needs. What is real is what you choose to see as being present, and its definition of purpose is as you choose to dictate. It is different for each human. When solidity is needed for an exchange between two individuals, it will be seen as such by both.