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Dealing with life lessons

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, can you please guide me? When a person is suffering, or feeling sad from some event should he try to bring himself from low vibration state of being to higher state of being immediately by diverting his mind or should he sink in the sad feeling completely like for a week or two then move forward. Which is higher form of dealing things spiritually? ~Sweety, India

ANSWER: The symptoms you describe are some indications letting you know that you are facing, or have just gone through, one of the life lessons you chose to deal with during your lifetime. Doubts and fears are also signs of lessons.

With each experience you draw to yourself, you have total freedom of choice in what you do. If you ignore it and divert to something else, you have not dealt with it and learned what it was you wanted. The same situation will either stay around or come back with more force in the future until you pay attention to it. But spiritually nothing is right or wrong.

“Sinking into it,” as you have said, is one way of looking at a means to examine and understand what caused this feeling in the first place – i.e., your desired lesson. But if you only wallow in it and don’t work to find your options, it is a waste of your time. The time that understanding will take can be anywhere from instantaneously to never. Don’t set time limits or expectations concerning results.

Realizing the possibilities for dealing with your lessons will make you more vigilant about these important events in your life. You have a tendency to over-think your actions instead of just feeling what the answer is for your problems and how to settle them.

Step back from the suffering and sadness and ask yourself: Why is it with me? What is connected to it? How did it originate? Answering these questions will help solve what lesson these physical characteristics represent. When you know the problem, you can then start working on a resolution. Once you understand, you will see the pain and suffering disappear.

What others say

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I have some Indigo symptoms like allergy, ADHD, hypersensitivity and creativity but I don’t have developed physic abilities like clairvoyance or memory from past lives. Since I’m not sure if I’m really an enlightened Indigo, I can’t fulfill my life mission. Numerology says I should choose an altruistic or philanthropic path related to healthcare or medical field and activities that help people but I’m still not confident enough that I can handle such kind of responsibility. ~Jorge, Brazil

ANSWER: No two souls have identical characteristics while in body form. So-called symptoms indicating one state or another are nothing more than what a number of other humans have displayed and identified with some condition. Likewise, a medical condition does not necessarily produce the same physical symptoms in all those diagnosed with it because these are just guidelines to a conclusion.

In this day and age most humans exhibit some or all of the same characteristics you have. Souls who have not come to Earth as Indigos may or may not have psychic abilities. Anyone who delves into their past lives with the assistance of hypnosis or their guides is not necessarily Indigo. Labeling yourself one thing or another does not make you so, nor would it prevent you from actually being what you have ruled out as applying to you.

What we are saying is that human titles mean nothing. Titles do not give you abilities or take them away. The most important thing is what you believe to be true. Live your life as if you are who you desire to be. Understand that life is a gradual learning experience. You did not come from your mother’s womb able to walk and run, nor did you learn math and science before spending time in school. Being “enlightened” does not help or hinder your progress. Your intention to do something is critical.

Following the ideas of some practitioners of numerology – or astrology, or any other “ology” – will work for you only when you accept it as dictating the way you should act. All souls have freedom of choice. An “ology” can give you some indications of what might fit more easily with your natural energy, but it does not tell you what you desire to do.

Go into your feelings and see what resonates with you. Accept that you are a piece of Source energy and can do the same things Source can. Until you agree that you can do something, you will not be able to do it and it is not even worth trying. To stop trying is to stop living.

Animals as soul mates

Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, is it possible that animals can be our soul mates/ in our soul groups? I feel a deep soul connection to my boyfriend’s family dog. I feel such a deep love for her that I feel a deeper sense of love for all animals. Is it possible she is one of my soul mates? ~Skyler, USA

ANSWER: Only a very small number of souls choose to inhabit animal bodies –  somewhere around one to two percent of all living people. Souls who choose an animal experience generally do so to have the opportunity to understand the peculiar characteristics that define that animal.

An example is a soul who chooses to be an eagle. They get the chance to feel the freedom of soaring high over the land. Their eyesight is incredible. They experience being a predator, observing, catching, and living off of tiny animals. A life as a cheetah is about adapting for survival – being able to run for distances at terrific speeds, the excitement of a chase, the moment of the kill.

Domestic animals such as dogs, cats, horses, etc. are chosen for their intimate contact with souls having human experiences. Frequently the animal soul has made some type of agreement with the human soul to be there to let them feel unconditional love as only an animal can bestow. Sometimes the pet is a guide in disguise to always be present and give encouragement to the human.

Animals may also want to see if they can fend for themselves in a human world, to get a different perspective on what responsibility for one’s actions looks like. During their lifetime, which is considerably shorter than a human’s, a pet goes through phases of learning, being controlled, experiencing manipulation, and being in a perfect position to be present as a witness for their owner’s life lessons.

Your boyfriend’s dog does have a soul within. You are not from the same soul group, but you did share a life with this soul where you were the best of friends and always had each other’s back. You talked about meeting in this time so that you would be drawn to the unique energy of animals and learn to interpret their personalities and needs. You read both regular animals – those merely animated by a spark of unconditional love energy – and those few who are souls.