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PLR, Past Life Regressions

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I have been a fan of your site and page for a while, reading your guidance to different people. I noticed that you rarely talk about past lives, and tell many people that their past lives are not important. You told me the same thing. I am past life regression therapist, and saw many past lives in practice sessions and trades with fellow practitioners…I wonder – if my past lives do not affect my current life – why I was shown all these past lives in hypnosis? Why I was interested in past lives and believed in reincarnation since I was a kid? What can a person gain from past life regression if “past lives do not matter”? ~Irina, United States

ANSWER: Souls are immortal. They never die and have many experiences where they enter a body in order to learn lessons within the duality of Earth. The wisdom that they glean from a lifetime is packed away until they have some reason or use for bringing it back to the consciousness while in a body. Most lives have no connection to the others but are for studying various aspects of being human.

Sometimes, when a soul has not learned everything they wished to in a previous life, they bring back similar situations in a subsequent life; then the past life is vital to progressing in the current life. An example would be souls working on all aspects of self-worth who didn’t understand how to value themselves in a past life and are now feeling the same worthlessness in this life.

Examining what they experienced in the previous life will help them understand and work with the issues in the current life. Being able to re-experience a difficult situation and watching what you did from the outside, where you cannot miss things that were not within your awareness the first time, helps to give direction and healing. This is one of the biggest reasons for past-life regressions.

Another use for previously gained knowledge is if one mastered a physical trait and could now use that information to move forward. Bringing the information “back” can be done easily with past-life regression hypnosis or very deep meditation. Going back through lifetimes can be very stimulating and encouraging, allowing one to get the most out of a life.

Having access to previous lives is generally never taken into consideration when a soul is planning for a new incarnation. There are too many variables that can cause the person never to come into the knowledge concerning past-life regressions. Depending on their familial environment, some factors may prevent access to the practice of past-life regression, particularly where something prohibits the belief in reincarnation.

Creating a comfort zone

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, I have been dreaming the same dream for almost two years. I’m single and have no relationship but I have dreamed a lot about maternity, pregnancy, babies, twins. Last dream, in January, I saw myself pregnant, with a baby bump, and after that, I saw the moment I gave birth to twins and saw their cute faces. I also have dreamed about the same guy who is always the father of my kids. I have seen many symbols like repeated hours and numbers that are related to birth date of this man. So, what does it mean? Am I just having a romantic fantasy with this guy or do we have a connection from past lives, like soul mates? I very often have romantic dreams with him who I feel happy with. ~Priscila, Brazil

ANSWER: You are living a fantasy life that is very safe and can be entered when you want but is not intrusive into your everyday existence. You have fashioned the participants exactly as you would like them to be. Your imaginary partner has only the best of qualities that you can envision, and you are free to do what you desire without having to deal with the mundane things of life such as food, exercise, and marital disagreements.

You are writing a scene that is not challenging or threatening. You have an incredible need to feel loved, so in your mind you exist in a world of unconditional love. You have always thought that the ultimate love is that between mother and child and that is why children figure so prominently in your stories. But in your dreams there are no painful deliveries, sleepless nights, dirty diapers, or crying children – just love.

You have focused on this man because of his physical attributes without knowing anything about who he really is except for the personality you have created. You are compatible because you make it so. It is interesting that you say this man is the father of your children but never talk about a relationship between the two of you.

It is time to make some decisions. Do you want something physical or just something like you had as a child with dolls and dollhouses? You could bring a mate into your reality but not while you fear it will not be as you have dreamed. It is necessary that you work at a union where you make decisions together and share in the life choices.

If you wish the fulfillment of an actual family, you have to bring your dreams into the physical. Start your search by defining what it is you see as a satisfactory relationship. Decide what you want in a husband. Begin talking to others about what would be ideal conditions for a family. Then it is time to go out and start looking for that perfect mate.

Where is my brother

Tuesday, April 4th, 2017

QUESTION: Masters, my brother Charlie disappeared without a trace twenty-two years ago. What happened to him? Has Charlie returned Home? If so, when? I have always wondered if perhaps he entered a “witness protection program” and is still alive somewhere in the world. If this is true, is he well? I know there are certain legal rules for everyone’s protection in such cases, and I totally want to respect my brother’s privacy, but is there any way I can just get a simple message of love to him? Will he even be open to receiving an energetic thought of great love from me? Last night, I thought Charlie came to visit me in my semi-conscious dream state. Was this just wishful thinking on my part? I love and miss my brother Charlie greatly. ~Mary Anne, Australia

ANSWER: We are not in a position to be able to relate too much of what happened to Charlie in your physical world because of complications that are still ongoing. His soul has always been aware of your concern for him and is grateful. He knows that his life as your brother left a lot to be desired. For this, he can only say that you both were aware of the possibilities before you came to Earth.

Charlie’s soul was paying you a visit the other night. He has developed an ability to astral project and travel to the places he desires at will. He would like to see you in person, but it is not possible. Over the years, he has felt your love and it has buoyed him up through difficult times.

He asks you to travel with him some time. Relax as you fall asleep, and have the intention that, if he appears, you will go with him. Most of his time now is spent in a condition very near to unconditional love, so he feels your love and returns his to you. He will not always be aware of your immediate thoughts, but his higher self will know what you are thinking and sending his way.