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Soul mates and freedom of choice

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, A few years ago, whilst traveling I had a brief romantic encounter with someone whom I felt a very strong soul connection. The circumstances were impossible as we lived on different continents and were unlikely to see each other again, so we left it there. On returning home I became once again involved with an old flame – someone I must have contracts with, as subsequently we had a child and live a relatively settled & contented life together. However I still cannot shake that sense of strange longing for this faraway friend. I am intrigued about the nature of soul mates and the potential for a variety of possibilities when it comes to choosing different partners and / or paths to follow during our lives. Can you enlighten me on this subject? ~Curious, UK

ANSWER: Soul mates are souls who came into existence at about the same time as you did. Just like a group of kids with whom you grew up and shared experiences through school, soul mates are connected to a section of your life. They are easily recognized by you when you meet them in a human incarnation because their energy is similar to yours and you resonate with their aura. You will know them even if you didn’t agree to do something particular together or even to meet during the life.

All souls have freedom to choose whatever they wish to do in their lifetime. You may have made plans with another soul for a relationship, but then along comes an old soul mate with whom you feel a connection and familiarity. This generally is all part of a lesson on which you chose to work. Souls do not plan out each and every situation in their life but make up their minds based on what comes to them.

You had no specific contracts for romantic relationships but are sensitive to energy. This has drawn you to your current partner and left a reminder of your feelings for your short romance. The lesson here is one of clarity and discernment: clarity as to the aspects of each connection and what they mean for this life, and discernment as to what you can learn the most from while each continues.

In any life situation, our dreams make things into what we want to experience. You yearn for excitement and adventure and feel your dalliance partner can provide that. You are a little bored in your current relationship and wonder what to do to feel more alive. Nothing is right or wrong in choosing life lessons, so experiment with those lessons to get your answers.

Clarity re: spirit contact

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, I have been recently going through spiritual enlightenment. I have the ability to do automatic writing by accessing my Akashic record. The problem is I sometimes get conflicting information from outside sources to the information my Guides give me. I’m a part of small group right now and frequently I will access my Akashic record after we meet and the information I’m given differs in small ways to their Guides’ information. I’m unsure who or what is accurate as I know we are all spirits having a human experience but I want/need to know if my channel is clear or is it being tainted by my conscious mind or ego or is their information tainted?! ~Stephanie, USA

ANSWER: Those who channel information from the nonphysical world must have it come through their physical body. The body is controlled by the mind, which is primed from birth to exist in ego-based judgment. Nothing is considered to be important unless it is judged, graded, or rated against the rest of the information available in society.

It is difficult to channel for oneself since the very fact that you “think” of the question to which you want an answer means that you access your thinking mind – the seat of ego. The form you use, automatic writing, is a little less influenced than having only verbal communication. Being able to totally clear your mind before you begin to take the dictation prevents a lot of interference.

People channel at the vibration they have reached through their spiritual enlightenment. A person who is close to ego-based energies has difficulty obtaining “clear” material. One who has removed most ego and negativity can obtain great clarity in positive, unconditionally loving energy.

When you receive information from a particular soul, and someone else uses the same source, the material will be closer to identical, except for the influence of vibrational filtering. Some people are capable of receiving messages only at a grammar school level, others at high school, and still others at college or graduate level. Don’t depend on seeing identical reports.

Some days you will find it easier to make contact and gather answers because of your mental or emotional state. What is important is having no expectations as to the result of your connection. Rely on how you “feel” about the outcome, not being concerned with how you “think” about it.

Soul status

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters it is believed that when the soul sheds the physical body it forgives anyone and everyone who has hurt the soul during its earthly journey. So then where does the concept of soul mate and soul group fit in? Why would there be souls who are dearer than others once in soul form? They are all the same aren’t they? ~Sree, UAE

ANSWER: All souls are composed of energy broken off from Source and are identical in essence. Souls who came into existence as individuals at approximately the same time are called soul mates. Their ability to “sense” those close to themselves is based on their sharing the time of “creation.” There is a familiarity of the energy, and it is easily recognized when met at another time, such as on Earth. It does not make them appear “dearer” since there is no grading, rating, or judging while in unconditional love; each is simply able to recognize the energy signature.

As individual souls experience their own human lifetimes, they gather wisdom that may not have been gathered by even their closest soul friends. For instance, say you are a triplet. One brother joins the same sports team as you. Your other brother is an intellectual and avoids all physical activity. You have things to share with your teammate that your other brother will never understand, but you are all still identical physically.

Once souls leave the duality of Earth, which is the only place they may experience negativity, they are in unconditional love where none of the lessons of humanity – such as hatred, forgiveness, or revenge – exists. All souls are still composed of the identical essence, but they carry the unique experiences each has lived.

Coming from the same soul group may make it more likely for two souls to share the same experiences by choice. But a soul may opt to make a contract with someone from a different group who wishes to have the same life lessons in the same lifetime. Freedom of choice determines everything for each soul.