Clarity re: spirit contact

QUESTION: Masters, I have been recently going through spiritual enlightenment. I have the ability to do automatic writing by accessing my Akashic record. The problem is I sometimes get conflicting information from outside sources to the information my Guides give me. I’m a part of small group right now and frequently I will access my Akashic record after we meet and the information I’m given differs in small ways to their Guides’ information. I’m unsure who or what is accurate as I know we are all spirits having a human experience but I want/need to know if my channel is clear or is it being tainted by my conscious mind or ego or is their information tainted?! ~Stephanie, USA

ANSWER: Those who channel information from the nonphysical world must have it come through their physical body. The body is controlled by the mind, which is primed from birth to exist in ego-based judgment. Nothing is considered to be important unless it is judged, graded, or rated against the rest of the information available in society.

It is difficult to channel for oneself since the very fact that you “think” of the question to which you want an answer means that you access your thinking mind – the seat of ego. The form you use, automatic writing, is a little less influenced than having only verbal communication. Being able to totally clear your mind before you begin to take the dictation prevents a lot of interference.

People channel at the vibration they have reached through their spiritual enlightenment. A person who is close to ego-based energies has difficulty obtaining “clear” material. One who has removed most ego and negativity can obtain great clarity in positive, unconditionally loving energy.

When you receive information from a particular soul, and someone else uses the same source, the material will be closer to identical, except for the influence of vibrational filtering. Some people are capable of receiving messages only at a grammar school level, others at high school, and still others at college or graduate level. Don’t depend on seeing identical reports.

Some days you will find it easier to make contact and gather answers because of your mental or emotional state. What is important is having no expectations as to the result of your connection. Rely on how you “feel” about the outcome, not being concerned with how you “think” about it.