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The light and the dark

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters I am interested in the relationship between light and dark, especially the role of souls that have at one time chosen a dark path. It seems to me that we need dark or negative energy to set the challenges that we face, so it is an important role. Yet do those souls ever naturally move back into the light? Are they invariably stuck until accepting help to move on? How do they evolve? Are any eventually recycled to source? What is the value of their experience? My own personal journey has included choosing deep negativity, so I wonder how such souls can best be helped when they become ready to change away from that. What is the best way to protect myself and others that are vulnerable, when encountering dark entities? ~Dave, UK

ANSWER: The reference to light and dark is used to describe the feeling that most souls experience when they are dealing with the difference between positive and negative energy. This duality, at least the existence of negativity or darkness, occurs only on planet Earth.

You are correct about needing darkness in order to work through the life lessons chosen before coming. All lessons are set up in negativity so the soul may see if it recognizes the desired test and may then decide how to deal with it. The movement from darkness to light is the completion of understanding and learning from the chosen lessons. There is no natural progression, just the soul’s own desire to work toward enlightenment. It is a solo journey; nothing, or no one, is going to come to the rescue.

Since human lessons are heralded by fears and doubts, looking into any such occurrences in your life will help you work through your challenges and enter into positive energy. All souls have total freedom of choice, so the time they spend in negative or positive energy is completely up to them.

Dark, or negative, entities are something different. Choosing to be in negativity affects only the soul making the choice. However, when a soul has vested its entire existence in negativity, it can spread that darkness to anyone with whom it comes in contact if that person is open and not aware of surrounding energy.

To protect yourself from negative people, you have to be aware of the feelings within which you reside. If you find yourself becoming sad, angry, insecure, etc. when with another, you need to call in positive energy to prevent yourself from succumbing to that person’s negativity. Bringing in unconditional love energy from the universe pushes away darkness. As with each person, you have to protect yourself by the choices you make.

Looking back at dementia

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, I’m hoping you can help me understand how dementia looks to a soul in heaven who experienced it before passing on. I keep feeling as though the 70-year-old version of my grandmother would be mortified by her 90-year-old self. What will her fully intact soul feel about the final years of the diminished life her dying brain struggles to live? Are there live lessons she is still learning, or is this part of her life more of a lesson for her family members? ~Alissa, USA

ANSWER: Everything physical, mental, or emotional that affects the human body is an experience of which the soul has a permanent record. All physically negative, destructive, disruptive, or other hindrances experienced by a soul during its human lifetime are accomplished for the purpose of learning.

When the soul returns Home, it can review everything that occurred and examine what wisdom may be carried into subsequent lives from the lessons it completed. It can also determine if it needs to spend further time on some aspects it didn’t completely understand.

Dementia is chosen for a number of reasons. A soul studying control issues may want to experience the process of gradually losing all control of mental faculties, necessitating dependence on others. The realization that one can no longer remember how to take care of oneself turns to deciding how to deal with those limitations while there is still awareness.

Once the consciousness of the patient has reached the point of unawareness of everyday needs, the lessons are then generally for the relatives, friends, and caregivers. The affected soul starts spending more time with its awareness outside the physical than within its own body, so the patient couldn’t care less what is going on.

When Grandma is back Home, she will not have a body and can be any age she chooses when she meets up with others. She will know that everything that happened to her while in a body was for teaching purposes. There will be no regrets, embarrassment, or sadness. There will only be a sense of accomplishment and completion.

He won’t do what he is meant to do

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

QUSTION: Masters, help me understand. Is this all happening because of the free will we have on earth? I believe I have met the soul with whom I was meant to share my life on earth also to complete our mission here together. After six years of waiting for the right timing to connect, he rejected me. Is he running from the connection because he is not able to face himself? I feel that we chose to meet in this lifetime but I don’t feel like I chose this to happen. I feel more like he is running the connection because he is afraid. I also know that I have opened my heart and am ready to let someone in who is walking in the same phase with me. Also know I don’t need to be in a relationship to complete my mission. ~Hannele, Finland

ANSWER: First, you must understand that there is not one particular soul with whom you are “meant to share your life.” Each day you have the ability to exercise your freedom of choice to decide what you wish to do on that day. You may choose to spend time with one partner today, and realize tomorrow that you have learned everything you can from that person and it is time to find another for your next lessons.

You also do not choose what missions you will engage in before you come to Earth – with the exception of life lessons. If you have elected to work on a series of lessons, you may not have sufficient time left after understanding them to also complete an additional mission with another person.

Your (and everyone’s) “mission,” if you wish to call it that, is to realize who you are as a piece of Source, and what abilities you possess. You work on learning your powers and how to bring into your life the things necessary to understand and use your strength.

You can never get another to do what you want just because you believe that something should go as you have envisioned. He is not afraid, just not interested. He does not have the feelings for you that you do for him. You two were meant to (i.e., chose to) meet – not to work together, but for you to see that you can’t control another.

You have learned the majority of your lessons and have been aware enough to open your heart and be available for anyone who could join you on your journey. Now is the time to start manifesting the energy that will bring a companion to you. It is very important that you be conscious of the now so as not to miss a new mate when he is close. Trust in the universe and have no specific expectations.