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Helping others

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters my question is about what we know here on earth as “self-help,” “motivational,” and “inspirational” books.” You have told us over and over that each soul comes here to learn their own lessons according to their specific needs and decisions as a soul, and nothing anyone can say or do will change that fact. Since that’s true, are my inspirational books even necessary? If this is my souls work or those at Home need my help to continue this work on earth, I will gladly do so. Should I consider another means of the expressions of inspiration such as music and art and just RELAX and enjoy my fantastic life here on earth for the rest of it rather than feel the pressure to “help” others through writing books? Mary Anne, Chile

ANSWER: You are correct to a point – no one can make people change their mind about something unless they are willing. But humans have been raised to look to teachers to give them an idea of what they should do, or at least consider, when they are moving forward. We are constantly asked, “Where should I start?”

Self-help, motivational, or inspirational books and programs are what a lot of folks need to decide to explore their potential. Those who want a step-by-step process that they don’t have to think about are not ready to grow. But when self-help material is used as an outline of a possible way to learn and take responsibility for gaining knowledge, the author has provided a vital service for those who may not have started in any other way.

You are an instigator for getting others to move outside their comfort zone into seeing the options available to them. Your books provide food for thought, which feeds all the hungry minds out there. You have no obligation to continue, but explore how many you have started on their spiritual journeys and see if you think it worth continuing.

You could also include other media to reach the souls of those stuck in the negativity and ego of humanity. When people get drawn into music, which frees up their thinking mind, they can meditate and communicate with us much more easily. Pictures, colors, and thought-provoking art do the same thing. Visualization is a way for others to see what they have missed in the past; it trains them to be present in the now and to take advantage of things around them.

As in all things, the choice is all yours.

Understanding the messages

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters: My guides tell me to lead, don’t follow. How do I do this? Who or what am I supposed to lead? And to where? I have a mate that sometimes follows me, abuses me, rebels and retaliates. I have no children, no friends. Each attempt I made to lead came to a dead-end. I have attempted or started spiritual groups, associations, classes, businesses, real estate, writing and more. Each time either no one shows interest or if they do, they stab me in the back, take over, or I get nothing out of it. I’m tired of repeat, repeat, repeat failure. Bankers are threatening foreclosure on my house. I need some direction. I cannot afford financially, mentally, emotionally or spiritually to pursue another series of failures. I don’t want to expend my energy only to have it again end in nothing or even worse. ~Christina, USA

ANSWER: When your guides say to lead rather than to follow, they are talking about making up your own mind about things, which is exercising your freedom of choice. You will be taking charge of your life and, more importantly, taking responsibility for what you learn. Your journey is to complete the lessons you chose to learn while on Earth and to accept that you are a piece of Source energy, with all the powers and abilities included.

Your previous attempts at leading were always for the purpose of having others on the path with you at the same time. You left most of the decisions up to the group, so even though you started the group, you did not exercise your freedom of choice in a leadership role. This mostly occurred because the others did not agree with you on things and you sought to have a consensus.

You don’t like to deal with aggression, and therefore you are easily pushed around by your mate and others. That is following. Things such as being abused, betrayed, or stabbed in the back happen only when you allow them to. You lack any self-confidence and have gotten to the point of feeling like the victim.

If you accept that you have Source energy, you accept that you are as good as everyone else and can bring to you that which you desire. It is important that you free yourself from the negative failure spiral you have allowed to consume you. See yourself as magnificent, with the ability to succeed if you are making the choices for yourself. Do not allow anyone to tell you what to do or to interfere with your life.

Allow only positive, unconditionally loving energy to enter into your heart and mind. Lead that sensation into every aspect of your being. See only successful completion of all your tasks. Separate yourself from negativity and failure. Visualize where you want to go – you alone, not a group – and then go there. Don’t think, or care, about anyone but yourself until you are where you want to be.

Losing faith

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

QUESTION: Masters, for a while I don’t anymore find purpose in my life. I have again started to be afraid of death, I had panic attacks about it when I was younger and now it has come back since my close friend died. I have lost my trust that everything makes sense…  Also, too long time I still keep thinking about someone I feel strongly for, but he has shut me off. I thought we were soulmates, and I was really enthusiastic about the kind of connection we had, I thought we were supposed to do something with this special energy. Why did he distance himself? Is he not my soulmate, and if not have I met the one I’m supposed to share my life with? ~Nadja, Finland

ANSWER: You are facing situations in which your expectations are not being fulfilled to your specifications. When you make up your mind about something, you expect it will work out in that fashion. You didn’t want your friend to die, so you again fear death. You thought someone was your soulmate, so you decided he should act in a particular manner. There is no determination before you come to Earth as to who, if anyone, your mate will be. Stop living in your mind and dreams and start living in the now.

Why do you fear death? Can you do anything to prevent it? Every physical body ceases to exist, but the soul that animated it travels on to another adventure. It is possible to communicate with those who are in spirit form after death if you have the faith that you can do it, and if you try.

To sense your soul and other souls, enter into a meditation where you clear all the thoughts out of your head and feel for your essence of unconditional love. Enter that love and connect with the rest of the universe. You are a magnificent, powerful soul if you believe you are and use your powers to bring knowledge and wisdom to you.

Your true purpose in life is to find out who you are as a soul. Follow the above suggestions and you will reconnect with yourself.