Losing faith

QUESTION: Masters, for a while I don’t anymore find purpose in my life. I have again started to be afraid of death, I had panic attacks about it when I was younger and now it has come back since my close friend died. I have lost my trust that everything makes sense…  Also, too long time I still keep thinking about someone I feel strongly for, but he has shut me off. I thought we were soulmates, and I was really enthusiastic about the kind of connection we had, I thought we were supposed to do something with this special energy. Why did he distance himself? Is he not my soulmate, and if not have I met the one I’m supposed to share my life with? ~Nadja, Finland

ANSWER: You are facing situations in which your expectations are not being fulfilled to your specifications. When you make up your mind about something, you expect it will work out in that fashion. You didn’t want your friend to die, so you again fear death. You thought someone was your soulmate, so you decided he should act in a particular manner. There is no determination before you come to Earth as to who, if anyone, your mate will be. Stop living in your mind and dreams and start living in the now.

Why do you fear death? Can you do anything to prevent it? Every physical body ceases to exist, but the soul that animated it travels on to another adventure. It is possible to communicate with those who are in spirit form after death if you have the faith that you can do it, and if you try.

To sense your soul and other souls, enter into a meditation where you clear all the thoughts out of your head and feel for your essence of unconditional love. Enter that love and connect with the rest of the universe. You are a magnificent, powerful soul if you believe you are and use your powers to bring knowledge and wisdom to you.

Your true purpose in life is to find out who you are as a soul. Follow the above suggestions and you will reconnect with yourself.