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Body and soul

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, I have always wanted to know when a soul enters a physical body. Is it during birth or before? Reading your answers has been very helpful and educational for me!!! Thank you for all the valuable information about spiritual world, much appreciated!!!! ~Kristiine USA

ANSWER: Here again the soul exercises its freedom of choice. An agreement of sorts is completed between the mother and fetus for the match to be made. It is generally not too formal – just the fetus selecting the situation that will provide the lessons it seeks to experience. This would include race, nationality, location, and environment.

Once the choice has been made, the soul sends a spark, marker, or contact to mark its place after the union of egg and sperm. Without this connection, the fetus would be nothing more than a bundle of cells going through the division process.

A soul who has a particular reason for monitoring the phases of the gestational procedure sometimes hops into the body right from the beginning. This may be done to make sure the growth of the fetus is as it desires, possibly with some malformation or other. It may also want to be present to ascertain and take part in the lifestyle of the mother. The soul still maintains the ability to leave just an attachment and return most of its awareness to the spirit world whenever it wishes so it can say goodbye to all its friends prior to birth.

The majority of the soul must be in the fetus at the time of birth for it to be a viable, living child. A soul cannot enter the fetus after birth (as has been reported by some people going through hypnotic sessions). The entirety of a soul is never in the physical body. A portion of it always remains in the nonphysical spiritual environment, connected to the universal unconditional love.

A myth touted in the abortion issue is that the act is the “killing” of a soul. A soul cannot be killed, because it is energetic and eternal. Some fetuses do not have souls assigned to them because the mother has chosen to go through the emotional and physical act of termination of the pregnancy as a life lesson. If the mother is uncertain about her future, a soul may attach and be on standby in case she ends the cellular division occurring within her – or become her child if she does not.

Are the Masters selfish for not interfering?

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

QUESTION: “Masters”, the mentality you present is repugnant to me as an idea let alone as a reality. Even the Nazis had a greater respect for the Jews than you have for your “lower” extensions. It’s like you’re raping love. You hide yourself behind words like “task, contracts, pre-planned, lessons”, like there’s any way they justify torture. Stop being selfish. ~Gieljan, Netherlands

ANSWER: We enjoy engaging in philosophical debates, but this does not qualify as one. You are taking your judgmental view of what life should be like, or how you would like it to be, and trying to impose it on all of the other souls who have chosen to come into the duality of the Earth plane.

You also are saying that everything that occurs to people during their human experience is our fault, implying that we should somehow interfere in the lifetimes of people and are being selfish for not doing so. To be selfish is to be egotistical. The ego is the seat of judgment. We live where there is only unconditional love with no negativity. Our answer to all of your comments is “freedom of choice.”

You have freedom to try to castigate us for the way souls have chosen to live their lives on Earth – we say that is your choice. We also have to laugh, since we don’t have bodies and can’t be affected by your vehemence. We don’t hide. We merely tell it as we observe it from our nonphysical realm.

You don’t have to spend your time reading our words if they don’t resonate with you. We constantly say to people: only accept what feels good to you. Let the rest go or put it on a shelf where you can revisit it if your reality shifts in the future.

We don’t judge a person’s opinion or life in any way, but act as witnesses to help the soul validate its Earth journey. Whether or not people commit suicide or murder is not our choice; it is theirs. Those who cut or scourge themselves because of their mental state or religious beliefs should be allowed to have those experiences if they so desire without anyone’s interference – they are living the life they chose.

Who’s responsible for happiness?

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, it feels like life is only about getting a job and earning money and not much about happiness. What to do if one has hard time finding a job that one is good at? How to be able to enjoy life and not only try to find ways to survive? ~Erika, Sweden

ANSWER: A soul creates the terms of its reality. In the duality of positive and negative energies, it is your choice which one you wish to have around you. If it is raining, you can be unhappy and say it is horrible outside and you don’t want to get wet. Or, you can see the rain, smile, and think that the flowers will grow, the pollution will be cleared out of the air, and you can go splash in the puddles as you did when you were a child.

Once you reach adulthood and become responsible for yourself and your upkeep, you do have to find a way to provide the physical means to sustain yourself. When you look at all the ways to get money, you can just follow the funds, or you can look for something you would enjoy doing while being paid. Life isn’t just about getting a job, but also about finding a passion.

The process is unique to you. You don’t go about finding your passion by asking others what they think you should do. Explore all the jobs about which you get a positive feeling. Then explore the type of training you would need in order to get hired for one of them. Talk to people who do the work you are interested in and see how they feel about the career.

You are not going to be good at a job unless you have an interest in it. Don’t be afraid to change employment if you are unhappy. When you apply for a job, the employer will be able to tell how enthusiastic you are about the position. If you don’t think you will be happy, don’t bother submitting an application.

Choose to be happy. If you are not feeling happy, ask yourself why. Go to the cause of your displeasure, and then you can change how you see life. You have to do some work to change the way you look at life – it is completely up to you.