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Connecting with the Universe

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

Question: Masters, I haven’t been feeling well (physically and emotionally), the negativity of the world is very hard on me as well as some personal stuff going on. I’m working on connecting with my higher self, discovering my goals in life and deepening myself in a spiritual way. Amongst others I want to start meditating to listen to myself better and make contact with my spirit guides. What is the best way to start with that and keep negative energies away? Also: is intuition my higher self speaking to me, or are my guides sending messages? Do you maybe have some other advice for me at this time? ~Jessica, Belgium

ANSWER: Each soul creates the reality needed in order to live its chosen life. You experience negative or positive energy through the exercise of your freedom of choice. Only if you open yourself to the negativity of the world can it have any impact on you. If you concentrate on the third-dimensional ego judgmental choices of society, you will be bathed in negativity. Watch, witness, but do not partake.

Whenever you find yourself sad or upset, make the decision to create or remember the happiest moment of your life. Happiness and unconditional love are choices. Just as you can see a rainy day as having a negative influence on your mood because it is dreary and wet, you can also see it as providing nutrients and strength to plants, clearing the air of pollutants and toxins, and washing away the grime of daily life.

Meditation is nothing more than being able to control and shut off your constantly interfering thought processes. You can’t hear your guides, and most of the time your intuition, if you are preoccupied with your mind’s replaying the past and dreaming about the future. Concentrating on the present – the world around you as it is at this moment – helps to turn off the thought machine.

The intuition that indicates what will provide the answers to your questions and choices comes as a “knowing” or “feeling.” It is provided by your higher self or soul, the part of you that never dies and that brings your experience from past lives into this one. When your guides give you a message, which they will only do when asked, it comes as more of a thought than a feeling.

Accept that you can control your life. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be able to communicate with spirit immediately. Get used to it, just as you did learning to talk and walk.

Discarnate trying to get in

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, I had an incident recently involving some kind of evil spirit trying to possess me. It insisted that I had to let this happen, to let my defenses down and become what it called “The Nexus.” When it (forcefully) tried to enter I put everything I had into repelling it. During this time I kept seeing various visions of me looking through the eyes of some soldier. Said soldier’s squad mates were being sucked out of a crashing helicopter and then nothing but what looked like a weird helmet with a cracked visor. After this I forced the spirit out and regained control. What does this mean? ~Rhys, United States

ANSWER: This is the behavior of a discarnate soul wandering the world wanting to exact revenge for believed wrongs when it was in body. This particular entity has also been with you in several of your other lives. This one was a militaristic existence where you were on opposite sides. You were recalling a time when it had shot down your transport and wanted to enter your mind to retrieve the information it contained. You were remembering the incident in a moment-by-moment time frame.

You are a very advanced vibrational being and can prevent invasions. No energy can enter into another unless it is given permission, which is why it tried to convince you to let it in. It can exert a lot of pressure to persuade you to allow entry but cannot enter without an invite. In instances such as these, ask for assistance from your guides and the archangels. They will be more than happy to help.

The Nexus was a member of the opposing force who was turned and possessed to do the bidding of its enemy. Think of Captain Pickard when he was “integrated” by the Borg. You preferred to leave the human plane (by dying) rather than become a tool for your nemesis.

You can prevent recurrence of this type of activity by covering yourself in white light and invoking the protection and assistance of the beings of the light at the beginning of each day and before you fall asleep at night. Negative beings will continue trying to attach to you because they feed off the intense vibrational light of your soul.

Séances and psychic work

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

Question: Masters, my brother does séances in the back of his house. I took part in this chain, but I began to feel weak and have conflicts with the attitude and posture of mediums present. I plan to get away and not attend more sessions. I have great doubts about the work that is done and the real situation of psychic work. I would like direction. ~Ricardo, Brasil

ANSWER: “Psychic” merely means something that is not visible or exists outside the normal physical experiences of all humans. It is neither positive nor negative. What practitioners do with the ability to communicate between humans and spirits, however, lies within their intention.

Those who wish to use their abilities to commune with negative entities, frequently called “dark,” have that power. Those who wish to use their abilities to connect with the unconditional love of the universe or the universal life-force energy to heal either themselves or others need only have that intention.

The mediums with whom your brother is associated are all about ego power and choose to connect with negative entities because they feel in control while the association is maintained. Most have done this frequently enough that they have discarnates attached to them.

When a massive amount of negative beings gather together, they feed off the positive energy of anyone who is around. When they feed on you, you feel drained of all energy and have negative feelings such as being sad, depressed, and despairing.

There are groups out there who communicate with positive beings of the light, and in their presence you sense light, love, and laughter. They are also considered to be psychics. Just because your experience with psychics has been negative, do not deprive yourself of the opportunity to share in organizations of the light.