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What are you responsible for?

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, often it is said that there are no right or wrong decisions made on Earth and no- one is responsible for anyone else. But surely if we are moving toward spiritual development, we should do all we can to help others and what about responsibility to our children? And decisions we make that we know will cause grief to others? I try to help people whenever I can, although sometimes feel enslaved to my family and not valued and the arguments we have get me down. Is there something else I should be doing with my life other than being my husband’s minion? If I left I presume it would cause upset. Or is it just me bring selfish? ~Jane, Greece

ANSWER: You are mixing up nonjudgmental spiritual concepts and judgmental egotistical human doctrines. Society forms humans into groups, such as families and various associations designed to further ideologies and the demands of “good citizenship” to assist the population in general so it is not too burdensome on government.

Your spiritual journey is that of a single soul undertaking a human experience to gather knowledge and learn lessons to increase the wisdom that caused you to enter into the duality (negativity) in the first place. Your concern that there is a need to help others belies the fact that if you are engaged solely in assisting others, you are unable to do your own work. A rich man who gives all his money to the poor becomes poorer than they.

Responsibility for children, who appeared because of a choice on your part to beget them, figures into the life lessons you decided you wanted to experience. It does not mean it is a lifelong obligation, because that would prevent them from learning their own lessons.

The only spiritual responsibility is to your learning. If you need to do something that will impact others but is necessary for your learning, then those others have previously put themselves in the position to have that experience. Interfering in others’ lives may prevent them from having the experiences they need.

Many unaware souls do not want to take responsibility for their actions, so they get someone else to take care of them – such as you have seen with your family. You have no obligation to take abuse and enslavement from others. Accepting that you have freedom of choice to walk away is one of the lessons you came to learn.

You do not have to worry about them. Just learn to love yourself and do what feels right to you. Honor the journey that is yours alone.

Understanding Source

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, your conception of the Source is not the true Source. Since the Source is all-knowing it already knows everything that can be derived through negativity. You have created a dichotomy in which the world you live in is positive and the world we live in has duality. All separations are illusions constructed by the mind. You have created this separation in order to externalize negativity and learn its insights through the channel of Toni. You are trying to dissolve the separation but you are still not able to be one with the people you connect with. The biggest challenge is manifesting physically, hence your fiction of reincarnation based on the fiction of time. This is another challenge, living more than one concurrent history at the same time, which you are unable to do, still living in linear four-dimensional histories. ~George, UK

ANSWER: Where your notion of Source breaks down is in assuming there is any negativity in the positive, unconditionally loving energy that is Source and its environment. The whole human experiment, of living and making choices in a dichotomy of negative and positive, was necessary because the all-knowing Source could only experience that which existed. At that time, all that existed was positive, loving energy, or perfection.

Source could imagine a situation with the opposite of perfection, but it had never been experienced since it did not exist. For that reason, Earth was created and pieces of Source, souls, were broken off to live and gather wisdom within it.

People – by which term we mean souls who are having a physical lifetime – do create their reality through the illusions they choose to accept. There are as many possibilities as there are souls following individually chosen journeys. Only within the duality is there judgment of something as right or wrong according to the human ego. This refers to your declarations, as well.

Time is an illusion measured by the movement of Earth around the sun. Only if these planets are a part of your reality can this measurement be used to discuss concurrency or the concept of histories. Without the restriction of linear time, everything exists simultaneously and your point of focus separates what you observe.

The realization of a soul’s choosing to have more than one experience on Earth, and the resulting awareness of what was learned during each such visit, is not conscious knowledge to most humans. The memories are with the soul in the unconsciousness that most call the higher self, which can be accessed in deep meditation or under hypnosis.

We will reiterate what we have said many times: accept what we say only if it resonates within you now; otherwise, put it on a shelf in case it does so at some other time.

When is the end?

Tuesday, March 24th, 2015

QUESTION: Masters, I recently experienced three very painful situations- death of my only child, carjacking and robbery with a gun and my wife was given the last rites. Those situations have led me down the path of discovering afterlife knowledge, soul therapy, I abandoned organized religion and currently under the care of a psychiatrist. I was able to return to work part time and care for my wife but there are times when I feel that my life lessons have been completed and cannot find cause to go further. Can you provide some insights as to why these feelings surfaced? And is there any advice to prevent recurrence? I do talk to my guides and ask for positive energy. Recently I have started to lose the pigment in my skin which has given rise to entertaining thoughts of planned exit from this earthly plane. Help!!!! ~Kris, Guyana

ANSWER: You are a soul who has had many lives on Earth and, therefore, has chosen very difficult lessons from which to learn in this lifetime. Your journey has been one of exploration – first of the judgmental aspects of human society, and now digging more deeply into the spiritual essence of your soul.

Organized religion helped you in the earlier periods of your life but told you what to think and do without soliciting any input from your soul. Soul therapy, which includes the knowledge and wisdom of the repeated journeys a soul takes, is allowing you to gather information from your unconscious higher self, or soul, through the use of your inner feelings.

As you discover more awareness of who you truly are as a soul, increased feelings from past live experiences come forward and make you remember what it is like to be in the unconditional love of Source energy, or “Home,” as we call it. It is comforting, when Earth gives you terrible challenges, to think of the blissfulness of Home. The desire to be there becomes overpowering.

You need to evaluate what you have accomplished in this lifetime and if there is anything more you want to do before deciding to leave. The change in your pigmentation is a purely physical phenomenon and has nothing to do with your spiritual journey or progress.