What are you responsible for?

QUESTION: Masters, often it is said that there are no right or wrong decisions made on Earth and no- one is responsible for anyone else. But surely if we are moving toward spiritual development, we should do all we can to help others and what about responsibility to our children? And decisions we make that we know will cause grief to others? I try to help people whenever I can, although sometimes feel enslaved to my family and not valued and the arguments we have get me down. Is there something else I should be doing with my life other than being my husband’s minion? If I left I presume it would cause upset. Or is it just me bring selfish? ~Jane, Greece

ANSWER: You are mixing up nonjudgmental spiritual concepts and judgmental egotistical human doctrines. Society forms humans into groups, such as families and various associations designed to further ideologies and the demands of “good citizenship” to assist the population in general so it is not too burdensome on government.

Your spiritual journey is that of a single soul undertaking a human experience to gather knowledge and learn lessons to increase the wisdom that caused you to enter into the duality (negativity) in the first place. Your concern that there is a need to help others belies the fact that if you are engaged solely in assisting others, you are unable to do your own work. A rich man who gives all his money to the poor becomes poorer than they.

Responsibility for children, who appeared because of a choice on your part to beget them, figures into the life lessons you decided you wanted to experience. It does not mean it is a lifelong obligation, because that would prevent them from learning their own lessons.

The only spiritual responsibility is to your learning. If you need to do something that will impact others but is necessary for your learning, then those others have previously put themselves in the position to have that experience. Interfering in others’ lives may prevent them from having the experiences they need.

Many unaware souls do not want to take responsibility for their actions, so they get someone else to take care of them – such as you have seen with your family. You have no obligation to take abuse and enslavement from others. Accepting that you have freedom of choice to walk away is one of the lessons you came to learn.

You do not have to worry about them. Just learn to love yourself and do what feels right to you. Honor the journey that is yours alone.