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Decisions about life experiences

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters: I am in a relationship where my head says it’s not right, we don’t suit each other and I’m not getting what I need from it. But my heart feels different. When we’re alone together it feels amazing and I feel such love. But when we’re among other people my head kicks in and it feels wrong again. It’s so confusing but I know there is a powerful lesson here. Can you help me to understand it? ~Suzanne, England

ANSWER:  Who ever said that there was only one aspect to life? Living in a duality you have negative and positive choices constantly confronting you. Oh, and don’t forget the influence of the ego and the higher self. You are here to learn lessons by using your freedom of choice. Those choices come from the input of your belief systems, your emotions, your physical reactions to events, and your inner dialogue.

Ever heard about opposites attracting? Your situation has some features from your physical body’s reactions to the connection between the two of you. Two peas fitting spooned into a pod, comfy and cozy. This is a lesson in enjoying the functions that can only be felt by the soul when in a physical body. Is that wrong? Not from a human or spiritual standpoint.

Now, let’s look at the facts. Your “head says it’s not right.” That means the ego part of you, with contributions from your beliefs coming from learning and society, doesn’t think you should be where you are. “I’m not getting what I need from it.” Again, judgment from beliefs and society with a little contribution from your higher self because you have a sense of what you are entitled to receive from others. This shows you know and accept your power and don’t want to give it away to anyone else.

The physical part of love and interaction is the part your soul needs for validation of your life as a partner to someone. The reaction you have when you are with others shows that, in your decisions concerning your lover, you defer to the opinions of others. Your head, your ego, doesn’t want you to be judged by others when you feel they disapprove of your choices. You can let them run your life, or you can ignore them and make your own choices. There is no right or wrong to this situation – just your abilities to make choices. Go with your feelings, not what others think.

Be real; take a good look at yourself

Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, what should I do so I could find my purpose in life? My current profession is highly valued in our society and gives good income but that is not that I can (or not even want to) do any more. I’ve been on sick-leave for over four years and I’m now on a sick pension for appointed time and that pension will be at end on 31th December 2014. I have no job in which I can resume. So what is the best way for me to find a job so I could lead abundant life and reflect that prosperity and divine love to all others around me? ~Minna, Finland

ANSWER: You are doing a fantastic job of avoiding life. You have had four years to go inside and see what resonates with your soul, and instead, you have spent most of the time in a “poor me” mode, feeling sorry for yourself. You are embracing negativity and failure. Wipe your work slate clean as if you had never been employed.

Since your sick pension is coming to an end, it has been decided that you are fit to go back to some type of employment; what that will be is to be determined by you. Your purpose in life is to find out about yourself as a soul and to use the powers and abilities within to have a great life.

Find what interests you. Find what feels good to you. You are a very intelligent person, but you are sitting back, wanting the world to come to you and tell you what to do. It doesn’t work that way. Each soul has freedom of choice. Enlightenment comes from making decisions and assuming responsibility for the consequences of those choices.

Put aside the fears and doubts that come with venturing into a new direction. Remember, you are starting again, so there is no history that has to be dealt with. Don’t wait until the end of the year – explore now what the possibilities are for you. You can deal easily with people; even though you have gotten away from it, begin with that as a central theme. There are many types of professions that will give you satisfaction. If you invest your time and ingenuity, you will share your skills and love with others.


Tuesday, September 9th, 2014

Question: Masters, I find it difficult to overcome particular life challenges, especially when they concern the emotional states of others. For example in my relationships I have had to deal with universal love and the challenge of staying committed to one being while trying to not make them feel less important for lack of better terms, what am I missing? It feels to me that no matter what words I chose about anything it’s hurtful. I care for everyone equally and want to assist any and all fellow souls through this journey, I feel pulled in many directions. ~Jerry, USA

ANSWER: You are placing yourself as the supreme judge of what you imagine other people are thinking, when it is impossible to be in their bodies to know what they feel. Emotions are very personal sensations that can only be generated from within the individual. By observation you may be able to get a sense of how another reacts to a situation, but you cannot tell with certainty if your conclusions are correct.

Each person controls how and why he or she loves another. Loving someone unconditionally has no impact on what that person feels for or returns to you. Some people are incapable of understanding just what love is. You may send them buckets of unconditional love and their response may be to feel slighted because you didn’t compliment them on their new outfit.

Don’t try to take on the emotional response of those around you. Don’t feel responsible for how others interpret your loving exchanges. Just be yourself. Do what you would want done to and for you. You can never tell when your words are misinterpreted. Some people thrive in negative energies and only see what comes to them as negative or destructive; you can’t change or influence their reading of a matter.

Each soul is on its own journey. You can’t take a single step or make a single decision for anyone else. You cannot program how others will respond to a situation. Stop trying to direct those around you. They have lessons they chose to experience, and things will happen to them per their choice. Give up your need to control.