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Technology as villain?

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, There have recently been talk and reports from experts that technological advances would soon cause social unrest in many parts of the world (as technology would replace jobs). Are we in Danger of overusing technology? Please help us understand the issue and if possible provide us with any guidelines as how we can overcome the problem if there is one? ~Ravi, India

ANSWER: Before the invention of reaping equipment, farms required huge numbers of people to bring in the crops; in the beginning, a large portion of them were slaves. Before the invention of the printing press, manuscripts were copied by hand and only a minuscule part of society had an opportunity to learn to read. Before the invention of airplanes, traveling any distance was time consuming, costly, and available to only a few.

Each age of change increased the ability for greater numbers of people to become more aware of the rest of the world. As the planet shrinks, with no place to hide because all information can be made available almost instantaneously through news media and now the Internet, there is accountability like never before.

Instead of creating social unrest, technology is doing more to bring political and financial discrepancies out into the open. Country leaders and policies, which used to reside in dark and secret hallways, are being revealed and called to task for their actions, leading to the general public’s having a say in their own leadership.

Technology in industry is replacing jobs, just as in the above-mentioned periods of advancement, creating pools of people who must be retrained or educated to fit into the new society. Growth, enlightenment, and advancement demand the increase in knowledge and technology.

Flexibility in thought and expectations will allow all degrees of people to be integrated into a well-run society. Holding on to the past and fighting improvements will stall growth and assimilation of the new with the old. Many choose to hold off change, being “comfortable” with the present. See improvement as an exciting, potentially fantastic time, providing opportunities never before experienced.

Young love and sibling rivalry

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters I have to ask you this thing: there is a man who loves me and I love him deeply, and I know that he is my soul mate. But he doesn’t realize that. We were together five months. I can´t forget him even though I have tried. Is there any possibility for me to be with him in future? Or should I just forget him? With him I have learn much about life. Are there any lessons left? The other question is about me and my sister. We are twins and always compete and have envy each other. What is the matter of this? ~Merja, Finland

ANSWER: First loves hold permanent positions in a person’s heart and memory. This man was the first who reached so deep into your heart that you convinced yourself he was “the one” and had to be a soul mate. He is not really a soul mate but just a soul you had made a contract with to open you to deep emotional love. He doesn’t see himself as a soul mate since he isn’t.

Five months is a minuscule amount of time in a lifetime. You can’t forget him because you do not want to forget him. You have created a fantasy life with him in the center, and you are afraid no one else can come close to your imagined life. There are many more men out there who will give you more experiences and be more of the sharing type. This man was a director who told you what to do, and when he got tired and bored, he just moved on.

He has opened you to relationships based on emotional love, and now you are ready to take responsibility for new choices. All souls have freedom of choice so it is within the realm of possibility that you may get together with this man again – but it will be totally different from the first time since you now understand a relationship better.

Decide what you want in a romance, compose affirmations creating an energy of love coming your way, and be open to whoever appears. Never settle for leftovers.

It is common for siblings to squabble over the things in their lives – particularly twins. You and your sister are so similar that what one has, the other wants the same or better. She was jealous that your beau chose you over her. You were more vulnerable and had lower expectations, so it was easier for him to date you rather than her.

You now have the lessons you learned from the union and are ahead of her in that regard. Talking is absolutely the best way to lessen envy and anger and to create love and an environment of sharing. Boyfriends come and go, but sisters are forever.

Choices of others that hurt you

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, four and a half years ago my oldest daughter decided to move nine hours away to live with her father. For the last two years, she has been estranged… even calling her new step parent “mom”. Now that my youngest daughter is almost 14, she too is starting to act the same way, and is also wanting to leave me. Neither of my children seemed angry or unhappy with me… this all seems to come about suddenly, yet both of their fathers were in the know the entire time. Can you please tell me if this is something normal between mothers and daughters… or is it just me? I can’t imagine losing another child. ~Cheryl, USA

ANSWER: Humans are very curious and needy beings. Even though their fathers were in their lives, your daughters still wondered what it would be like to live with them instead of just with their mother. Your youngest was definitely influenced by the actions of her sister. This is not a reaction to anything that you have done except to have separated them from their biological fathers.

Both girls heard about the “cool” things that their friends shared with their fathers and wished to have the same experiences. As they have neared the time to start dating, they have wondered what to expect from the male behavior pattern. An all-female environment can be stifling to a teen. There is a small degree of rebellion over your rules and regulations and the hope more freedom could be had elsewhere.

Your daughter refers to her stepmother as mom as a way to fit in more easily and to feel that she is in a “perfect family” environment. The estrangement comes from the difficulty of trying to live two lives simultaneously. Give her some time.

Your children both love you, but you are only half of the parental pool and they want to swim in the other half. Let them do their experimenting and learning. You have raised them as beautiful young ladies, and when the time comes, they will maintain contact with you and share what they have learned.