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Life lessons have many forms

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, why would a soul choose to experience ‘nothingness’? I have barely attracted relationships, experience very little sexual attraction, have no contact with family, and seem unable to create deep friendships. When going in deeper, there is a feeling of peace at shutting out the world, but I also feel a sadness and frustration at being unable to ‘create’ anything in life. My inner being seems to find people engulfing, and seems to want me living in this ‘desert’. Have you any clarity on what can be learnt in this deeply isolating life lesson? ~Craig, Australia

ANSWER: “Nothingness” would be existence within a sterile environment with no outside contact and without even the awareness of anything but yourself. You chose to enter this life with the desire to learn as much about human interactions as you could. A lot of these lessons involve observing others and how they deal with another person. If you have too much emotional involvement in the scenario, you will not be able to evaluate the exchanges without having personal feelings for the event, which would influence your determinations.

That deep peace you feel when shutting out the world is your soul’s essence of unconditional love. The sadness and frustration is a conflict between what feels good to you and your expectations of what should be occurring in your life according to society’s input. You have to be very clear about the desire of what you want to create within your world.

Personal interaction with others, while you are studying interpersonal relations, will create even more conflict and the sensation of being overwhelmed. You do have freedom of choice to stop your current life lessons and/or to rewrite what you want to learn.  In order to do this you must look at the belief systems with which you are controlling your everyday actions.

Right now you have a section of fear-based regulations that separate you from people for one reason or another. You fear what they say, how they think about you, whether you are good enough for them to love you, and whether the decisions you make are valid. If you wish to change your environment you have to start here.

If you want to continue with your lesson, but not have the sadness and frustration, establish a place inside you where you are totally in charge – a place where the love from your soul, which is connected to the entire universe, is more than sufficient to give you the happiness to continue your observations.

Fighting belief systems and society

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, you said years ago that I serve people well either in the conventional world or complementary, it did not matter. Why then do I feel guilty to see so many suffer at the hands of conventional drug based medicine? And sickness is increasing: why? I think it’s because we are poisoning the Earth and ourselves: do the Masters agree? Medicine is so proud of solving sickness in ways that not only suppresses it to come back in another form and then blame it on the patient for not getting better, and the patient is not any wiser. I find it hard to see suffering when I have seen severe illness cured with detoxification, yet I think the suffering soul is here to teach us something. I want to do integrative medicine but find it hard to move out for fear of being attacked and not having enough skills. ~Amy, UK

ANSWER: You have training in both conventional and complementary medicine. You can do one or the other or you can combine them in order to help your patients. The first comment we have on your question is that you are not giving enough credit to the power that you have as a piece of Source. You are evaluating your power and abilities only as you believe others are evaluating you.

You also aren’t accepting that individuals make up their own mind as to what their beliefs should be. Most take the easy route of going along with the majority of society, i.e., that conventional medical practitioners know what they are doing and always do what is best for the patient.

Most medical personnel are taught that medicines are the only way of treating an ailment. As long as patients have that same belief, you are not going to be able to get them to even try an alternative procedure. You cannot control the decisions of others even if you know what is best for them. Part of their life lessons is to realize they have freedom of choice and then to decide what they want to do.

It is also impossible to convince people that changes need to be made unless they can see a need. What is happening in the world around you is the result of the totality of the life lessons of those sharing the planet with you. Each chose to be on the Earth at this time, knowing what would be happening.

Your next step is up to you, but it cannot succeed until you realize what a fantastic person you are. You are a piece of Source with all the strengths and abilities. What others say and think can affect you only if you allow it to by accepting that it is true and thinking they know more about what is right for you than you yourself. You can tap into the skills of the universe if you believe. Intention is the key. Know you can do something and you will accomplish it.

EFT and Patricia Cota-Robles

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I have been following a woman named Patricia Diane-Cota Robles. She says that: The Company of Heaven has set a plan in motion and is invoking Humanity to participate according to our Heart’s Call. They have revealed that this plan fulfills the GREATEST NEED OF THE HOUR for our Ascension into our 5th-Dimensional Crystalline Solar Light Bodies and the patterns of perfection for the New Earth. Is there going to be a New Earth? Also I have been following something called EFT or tapping. It has helped many people including the parents of the children killed at Newtown, CT. Is this tapping thing for real? ~Megan, USA

ANSWER: Ms. Cota-Robles is a very charismatic woman who has helped a lot of people begin the awakening process of accepting their own abilities. Her Era of Peace organization is based in the judgment world of the third dimension. The basis of The Company of Heaven, which she channels, is a belief in God as a person making decisions for those on Earth with a promise that they will be rewarded.

Earth is a duality of negative and positive energies. The negativity allows you to exercise your freedom of choice to learn about your essential powers, which are yours by virtue of your being a piece of the Source energy. Within each soul incarnate on Earth is a connection to the unconditional love of the universe.

Only when on Earth is the soul subjected to negativity. Once it chooses to remove itself from negativity and live in positive love energy, it can do whatever it wants. It doesn’t have to follow any pattern of behavior or rise through any rankings of beliefs; it just enters unconditional love and no longer even has a need for the physical body that holds it in the duality.

Souls have the ability to manifest what they wish to experience. Those who think they need to create a New Earth have the means to bring that into their reality. If they want to go back to Source energy, they just need to decide that as well. Earth implies a duality, so a New Earth would be a place where the soul continues to experience negativity.

EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, is a combination of several psychological methods that are highlighted by using affirmations while tapping on the energy meridians to help divert the negative nerve firings into a positive direction. Its effectiveness has everything to do with the belief the person has in its results. It has been used with success to correct or lessen medical, emotional, and psychological problems.