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Power of freedom of choice

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I have been made aware an exit point is available for me to return home should I choose to later this year. The exit point is linked to my no longer needing to be here to look after another I incarnate with often. I was also made aware that I have the choice to not take this exit point should I wish to remain in this lifetime. Is this the first lifetime I’ve been given the conscious awareness of this and been allowed to be involved with the decision that is not being taken only by the higher self? ~Jay, United Kingdom

ANSWER:  Souls who have made many trips to Earth have a tendency to be more aware of their own essence as a soul and the powers that allow them to do whatever it is they wish to do. Those – like you – who have contracted to come here for the purpose of providing support for one or more other souls may reach a point where they have completed the agreements.

Some of these souls have other lessons they wish to learn independent of the agreements and then they move into their own work. You had completed the couple of little things you wished to do before entering into the larger contracts. You have completed all the things you felt needed to be done in this lifetime as determined by you before you came down. That does not mean you have to leave unless that is what you desire. You may have become interested in things that were not on your radar before choosing this life and wish to explore them more fully.

You have reached a degree of enlightenment in this life which clears blockages out of the way, allowing you to “remember” about yourself in your amorphous soul energy. This is what has brought the possibilities into your conscious awareness. Previously you had some degree of intuition as to whether it was time to move on, but you didn’t fully appreciate your choice in the matter.

The choice of when to return Home has always been your higher self’s (soul) decision. You have just never been able to get enough out of the duality, and the negative energies of the third dimension, to transfer the usually unconscious awareness into a conscious wakefulness.

What happens in your future is completely up to you, for all souls have the freedom to choose what their life will be like.

Passions have many aspects

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I pursued a career as an actress in my 20’s, but never “made it” as an actress. It has been 25 yrs and I still pine for this career, despite having a new teaching career. I had a past life regression session that revealed a life as a successful actress in the 1930’s who died in a plane crash. Not sure if this is true, but maybe that life somehow seeped through to this life? If not, why would I be
given this passion and then not the means to manifest it?? ~Patty, USA

ANSWER: Several prior lives involved performing or acting. Acting is not connected solely with performing on a stage. There are aspects of acting that allow the actor to reach out, teach, and assist others to find their way in the world. Your new career of teaching is an extension of acting. You stimulate your students to learn and to get excited about the subject matter. Being an actress at heart is the easiest way to accomplish this.

In your daily life you fulfill many roles needed by those with which you come in contact. To the students you are teacher; to your family you are the provider and sometimes disciplinarian; to your friends you are one of them – which could be school chum, exercise pal, or confidant. You find it very easy; as a matter of fact, you are not even conscious of changing roles. You are the star in a lot of people’s lives.

What has brought you the unhappiness in your life is your expectation of the glamor, success, and awards a movie or stage career would have brought you. Your life is much more fulfilling than if you simply appeared on a stage or on screen. You have more time to yourself than the “actress” would.

Truly examine your passion for acting, disregarding the awards and stardom, and see if you can become aware of all the acting you have manifested into your world. You did not want the type of life that you associate with “regular” actresses but rather one where your influence is more far reaching and beneficial to others.

Helping another

Tuesday, April 15th, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I have a question about how to be a good companion to my boyfriend. We met four months ago and fell in love at first sight. Now we have been a couple some weeks, and it feels like he is my soul mate. We both came with a long “to do list” into this life. And it has been challenging. It feels like I am, as a soul, a bit ahead of him in the sense of setting myself free. He has chosen a really rough path and is still very much caught up in anxiety and physical pain. So much so that it controls his life. I have never met anyone as deep, wise, loving and warm hearted as him. We trigger each other in a very healing way. Now I wonder how I can assist him the best possible way on his journey to be free from all his pain and suffering. ~Bente, Norway

ANSWER: Your boyfriend is from your same soul group but he is not your twin flame. You had agreed to meet at this time in your lives to be a stimulator for each other. He has caused you to become very much aware of your powers and abilities. He thrives in your presence but cannot let go of the negativity of the third dimension.

Both of you have worked through a lot of the lessons you planned for this lifetime, but he gets caught up in hesitating to make decisions because he does not want to take responsibility for the outcome of his actions. He will escape into his own world so as not to face difficulties – which you perceive as anxiety and pain.

He needs to accept more love for and from himself. He goes through periods where he hates himself, blaming himself for not being able to move forward when he refuses to make the effort. If he can feel the unconditional love of his soul inside, he will began to accept that he is magnificent.

He doesn’t have to get to the point where he likes everything about himself, only to the point of loving the fact that he is here learning all about himself. When he accepts the responsibility of moving forward each day, throwing off negative thoughts and ideas and reveling in positive energy, his life will be without anxiety.

What you can do to help is to be there as a witness to his struggles without criticism but only support. With your intention, send him your unconditional love for this human journey he has undertaken. Infuse him with positive energy and try to help him see the negativity to remove it from his life.