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Accessing our divine abilities

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I woke up this morning after having a dream that gave me the idea that we all have the Christ abilities. The power that was given to us as children of God is so enormous that it is difficult to grasp. Why did God make us in his image but then not give us the tools to access these abilities? ~Deborah, US

ANSWER: All souls are broken off from the Source of all energy and, as a fragment, have all the same powers and abilities of which they are composed. When you are in your spirit form you are conscious of all your capabilities. You come to Earth to experience negativity and to try to realize the power of freedom-of -choice, to understand and use your divine powers. You can’t learn anything if you have already been given all the answers.

Only Earth has the conflux of negative and positive. Your essential abilities are all from your core energy of positive unconditional love. If you were always aware how powerful you are, there wouldn’t be any work to learn your lessons about over-coming negativity because you wouldn’t want to be bothered with something that takes so much work.

You do have the ability to use your powers, but it does not come until you have dug yourself out from under the lessons you came to learn. Then you can enjoy the rest of your human existence being and doing whatever you want.

The steps are first for your conscious mind to accept you have these powers. You next have to believe you can use them and then go from a place of knowing how, to actually allowing yourself to use them. Once you have reached this point of finally using your abilities, you then become that soul, acknowledging and using all its abilities at will.

Your whole human journey centers around using your freedom of choice to move through the phases of humanity.

Living with our choices

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I know that before reincarnation we choose our family for a reason. But I feel rejected in all aspect by them and special for my mom. I don’t understand why? They make me feel guilty and not worthy. And now, I’m 30 years old and I ‘m tired of this. So I decided I’m not going to accept being rejected or depreciated any more. So I’m far away from them. Am I being selfish doing this? My sisters and Brother always are right over me. I can’t express myself because my mom feels hurt. Is that right? What can i do to change this situation? ~Uyara, Brazil

ANSWER: Each soul comes to planet Earth to experience the life lessons it had chosen. No person has any help in learning those lessons – it is a solitary event. Your lessons included recognizing that you did not deserve to be disrespected and constantly depreciated. You learned to take control of your life and honor yourself by removing yourself from this untenable situation.

You chose your family so you could have the people who would allow you to be immersed in these lessons. Choice generally involves the negative energies needed, not a loving relationship; that you have at Home and don’t need to enter a human life to experience.

Your mother is your most complicated learning source. You want to love her because you think you should – doesn’t everyone? The job you and she agreed upon was she would constantly throw negativity at you until you respected yourself enough to say, “No more.” She has the knack of psychologically abusing you as well as emotionally trying to impact you by “feeling hurt” when you don’t accept all the trauma she heaps upon you.

You have no spiritual responsibility to remain a part of the games they are playing. You will only grow in awareness by being away from the constant pressure until you can see what is really happening. You are as good as they, you are not guilty of causing them pain, and you are just as worthy to enjoy your life as anyone.

It is time to accept yourself as the beautiful person you are. When you can feel your power, you will be able to listen to what they say and tell them: “I understand that is what you believe to be true, but I do not feel it is true, nor that it applies to the person that I have become.” The only thing you can do is to be yourself, as you feel you want to be, and ignore what they are trying to make you.


Dealing with sensitivity

Tuesday, April 22nd, 2014

QUESTION: Masters, I’m an extraordinarily sensitive soul & feel I have picked up mostly what’s not mine in this lifetime, particularly after a traumatic childhood. I feel riddled with energetic memory of past lives, empathic reactions, & cannot be near family without total loss of identity, I have several chronic health issues and feel quite overloaded with the level and depth of issues I seem to have carried into this lifetime. Am i meant to be truly free of all this now? ~Katie, Australia

ANSWER: As a soul having a human experience, you decide what it is you wish to be exposed to. You have the freedom of choice to diminish or intensify the energy around you. You had a series of lives where you could feel nothing and desired this one to be different.

Problem is, you are a bit overwhelmed and, at times, identify yourself as a victim. When you take on the victim mantle, you do so to feel sympathy for your situation instead of assuming responsibility for the way you have directed your life.

You cannot have too much of something in your life unless you call it to yourself for the experience. It is time you say enough of this. Stop constantly reliving the past emotions and live in the present sensations, which are yours alone. You have to deal with your situation in order to establish a pattern for the rest of your life.

When you start feeling bombarded, stop and ask yourself: Where is it coming from? Does this belong to me or am I soaking up someone else’s misery? If it belongs to another, send it back to that person. If it is yours, take a look at the origin and see if you need it for this life’s lessons. Don’t carry around anything more than you need to learn about yourself.

With the dramas of others you have shut down part of your human functions; this is causing the dis-ease within your body. Consciously funnel universal life force energy (sometimes called Reiki or other healing energies) throughout your body and let it cleanse you of these blockages.

Remember you are totally in control of the choices you bring to your world. Others cannot harm you or give you their difficulties unless you open and accept them. Protect yourself from unwanted negativity by always surrounding yourself with the white light of positive unconditional love. You will be able to walk through your family and really see them for the first time.