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To do or not to do

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

QESTION: Masters, I would like to know how do we prepare ourselves to make the leap into the new age/earth (5th dimension). There is a lot of talk about DNA activation and a lot of other means such as Light Language & Etheric Crystals & Golden Key activation. Which do we use or DO we? What will happen if we don’t do any activation but just have complete trust? Would we still get to evolve in the same rate as those who get all these activations done? What about the people who are still negative and prefer to be negative? What happens to them when these energies come about? ~Maya, Brunei

ANSWER: The world, as people see it, is an illusion they set forth and created for themselves. What you interact with are the situations that you draw to you because you need to experience them in order to complete the lessons you chose before coming to Earth. Everyone’s world is different.

In the arena of spirituality even the terminology varies. For simplicity we talk about three dimensions; other groups speak of as many as 217 levels or more. We speak of the human Earthly level, or third dimension, controlled by the thinking mind/ego ruled by judgment; the completely nonphysical, unconditionally loving fifth dimension of Source (religions refer to this as Heaven or Nirvana); and the fourth dimension, which is where the soul is leaving the human body and making decisions concerning returning to Source energy or hanging on for a while longer in the ego-based energy.

Various philosophies for consciousness expansion encourage you to follow different routes. These are the ones that the proponents have found work for them, or the sets of classes they can sell to you. Since no two people are alike, what works for one may not work for another.

All of the things you mention have proven helpful to people for the purpose of getting in touch with their internal essence, but not everything works for or can be felt by everyone. To answer your question concerning which is for you, only you know the answer to that. What resonates with you and allows you to better connect with the universe? Progress can come with or without outside stimulation – intention is the driving force.

You can only grow on your own. Those people who are in negative mentality are not ready to enter enlightenment. They do not even know what they want, so they cannot create an illusion for transformation.

Braving that first step

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I am struggling at work with communication. I’m a foreigner here and I can see in people’s faces that sometimes they don’t understand me so I sit quietly so as to not make a fool of myself. And the other thing is that I create a distance with people from work. Where is that from? Is it self-esteem or some father issues? I do see a difference in communication but what exactly is the reason that I keep myself silent. What’s the biggest lesson here? ~Marga, Ireland

ANSWER:  When you were a child learning to walk, you were not upset when you fell because your balance was not yet perfected. Learning the new language and local customs of a new place is just like learning to walk all over again. The problem you cause yourself is your expectation of knowing exactly what to do in each situation before you have the knowledge you need to be at ease.

You are hyper-sensitive to the imagined reactions of your co-workers. Some find your attempts to fit in very endearing, but you are not giving them the ability to tell you so because you shy away from contact. This reaction comes from deep inside you, not just from this instance. You have been beaten down and told you are nothing and will never be able to fit in. That is the truth only if you allow it to be.

You are a beautiful soul, but you have never been able to accept that fact and love yourself. The imagined thoughts and taunts of others can affect you only if you allow them to. What is vital is how you feel about yourself. Are you accepting of the wisdom you contain inside? You need to become comfortable within your own body. Love yourself for being who you are – the one who has the awareness of your inner beauty.

When you accept yourself, and disregard what you believe others are thinking or saying about you, you will find it easy to share yourself with others. Have confidence in who you are and what you think. Don’t let others tell you what you should be able to do. Relax and enjoy contact with others. If you feel embarrassed with your degree of language skills, ask people to assist you – they will be delighted.

You have created a self-imposed prison. It will remain as long as you hold the door shut. Know that you mean only to communicate and learn. Take the first step toward integrating into the workplace. If you don’t try to be a part of the group, it will never happen.

Is Earth changing?

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, it’s hard to believe that planet Earth will exist from the duality. We are dedicated to achieving a level of higher consciousness and thus expand along the level of collective consciousness of humanity. Gaia is extremely loving to welcome us in these conditions mental, emotional and etheric. The duality invades our thoughts and dreams as if they were part of us, but this is an illusion. We are made of unconditional love and believe this is the lesson to be learned for all mankind. Perhaps for this reason I feel so homesick for a home I cannot remember completely. ~Aline, Brasil

ANSWER:  You sound as if you are trying to convince yourself of the information you speak. There is a confusion of lessons in your statements. Duality is a fact because Gaia was created for the exact purpose of providing the arena where souls could work to find the positive side of their chosen negative lessons. Earth will continue to exist as this type of venue for as long as any souls wish to learn more about themselves and their abilities.

Souls are unconditionally loving when in their energetic form. Once they enter into a human body they do so to confront something in negativity. The world they create to have these lessons is an illusion constructed with the necessary traits to allow for their desired education. The people near them all have different illusions going on simultaneously to permit their individual plans to play out.

You are currently undergoing a life where you are dedicated to expanding your consciousness, but there are those who are there to experience negativity alone. You may even choose a subsequent life based on a negative characteristic where the only place to learn all its aspects is Earth. The journey of one person very rarely influences the lifetimes of those sharing the planet during that time period.

The more aware or enlightened people become, the more they tap into the collective memories of their unconditionally loving essence. After a while, awakening souls yearn for that fantastic feeling of Home. Don’t concern yourself with others; just follow your path.