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The purpose of negativity

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I am struggling to understand the concept of Earth’s duality of positivity and negativity. How do humans distinguish one from the other? Is “morality” supposed to be a guide? And what is the “object” of incarnation? Do we win at the game of life if we conquer negativity, or is incarnating meant to experience as much negativity as possible without giving up? ~Alissa, USA

ANSWER: When Source energy was the only thing that existed, it was all knowing, all powerful, all creative, and all magnificent. In the realm of Source energy there is no judgment, only the presence of unconditional love. At one point this magnificence wondered what it was like not to be perfect and in perfection at all times. In order to understand imperfection, Source had to have a place where the opposite of all its qualities could be experienced.

Source broke off pieces of itself to be test subjects to undertake this experiment. These pieces are what we call souls. They are the essential energy that animates the human bodies, like yourself and society around you. Earth was created for the purpose of giving souls the choice to remain in perfection or to use judgment to decide each step of their lifetime.

Positivity is unconditional love demonstrated with times the human body sees as blissful. Negativity is everything else. Negativity is the default setting on Earth because that is what the soul comes to experience so that it might understand what it is and decide to reject the negative by choosing the positive.

Human society is controlled by the human ego. The basic premise of humankind is that you should judge all things against each other and compare yourself to others to see if you “measure up” to what others want of you. Morality is the term society uses to impose its standards on the majority of people; it is based on judgment.

Souls come to learn about themselves – no one else. Any relationship with another has to do with life lessons that need outside stimulation. Your purpose is to “feel” what is happening to you and decide if it is something you wish to continue experiencing or if you don’t like it and need to move on.

Lessons are given to you via negativity. It is for you to see they are not loving and to choose to find the love. Thinking about it, instead of feeling, allows all the thoughts given to you by others to take charge; then you are following the standards of society, not exercising your freedom of choice.

Connecting to inner self

Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I am a very sensitive person; I felt the inner awakening began 5 years ago, now I am 30 years old. I have experienced things that the human mind can’t understand, in fact, sometimes I don’t. After these cycles\phases of awakenings, I got the feeling that I am back on earth; I have always felt myself as a visitor on planet earth, maybe as a student of human behavior. I am highly skilled on reading people’s attitudes\behavior and sometimes I get scared because people start calling me crazy. I believe one day I’ll be fully awake, love is the tool. I wish I could get some piece of guidance from you, masters. Am I on the right path? ~Edvaldo, Brazil

ANSWER:  You are a nonphysical soul who is having a physical experience. When you connect with your internal essence, it is a nonphysically recorded event. The human mind is physical. It is like a recording device that collects all the data you have been exposed to in the physical world. Its standard of judging what it is exposed to is within the realm of physically reproducible occurrences. If it has not been physically recorded in the past, the human mind is unable to process the activity.

Some of the experiences you have undergone have been out of body and/or astral projection events. By scientific standards these are impossible propositions. Being true to the feelings of what you have experienced allows you to maintain a history of your journeys. As you return from each travel you plop back into the physical body you inhabit.

All souls are just visiting Earth. Your essence is energetic. Your purpose for being here is to complete life lessons you set up for yourself to learn. One of the lessons is to realize you have total freedom of choice. You are not here to please others. If they don’t believe in your journey, let them say whatever they want. The only thing that is important is that you accept yourself – love is the answer, and that starts with self-love.

Being scared is one of your lessons. Fear shows you that you are accepting what others say about you as if they know more about you than you do yourself. Take responsibility for your experiences and ignore those who wish to control you. Be true to yourself and continue the trip.


Tuesday, October 8th, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, could you please tell me about other alien races? Are they in contact with us? What about the most advanced races? What can they do? What discoveries have they made? How long have they been around for? ~Kieran, UK

ANSWER: Earth is the only place that has a duality of negative and positive. Other planets do not operate on the same basis as Earth. There are many other inhabited planets. They do not have judgment, which is always grading things as better or worse than the average.

These locations are established for souls to have experiences in which they can just be themselves. On some of these worlds the soul does not even take a physical form, since it is not needed if the soul is working only in vibration. An example is a world where various forms of musical vibrations are used to communicate.

Some souls do drop into Earth from time to time out of curiosity to see what duality is like. Travel can be arranged via physical craft if they have a physical-type body, astral projection if their planet is telepathic, or by intention of the energy within a covering as its body remains on the home planet – somewhat like remote viewing.

In order for another species to make contact, the human has to accept that the contactor is real. Say for instance that the alien has a body that looks like a spider to Earthlings; in order to communicate you would have to accept it’s an intelligent species while resisting the urge to step on it. [NB from Toni: I started laughing when they had me write this – it is a perfect example of the Masters’ sense of humor.]

Inventions that would improve life on Earth are only important if you have the same needs and physical composition. There is no such thing as the most advanced race because the planets are not in competition and each is designed for a specific type of experience.

After souls spent time on Earth in the duality and got interested in various facets of physical life, they then wished to go and do research without having to worry about negativity and always exercising freedom of choice; hence, other places to go were created with specific characteristics. You have experienced some of the other existences. If you can get deep enough into meditation, or possibly have a go under hypnosis, you will be able to recall some of your history.