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Finding your way

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, A few years ago I left my job and everything I built in another city because my oldest son was involved with drugs. We returned to my home town with my family. It worked, my son recovered and eventually returned to school. My husband came later, but never felt very happy here. In January, my husband and my son had a fight and since then our relationship has been difficult. At one point I asked the separation. Now, over the past six months we are thinking of rescuing our life together, but it requires me to move to another city and my son stay here. I’m willing to drop everything and try again, because I believe in our love and the other two children are very attached to their father. I wonder what else I can do so that father and son can finally have more harmony? Is my decision to keep the family together in line with my spiritual plane? ~Cláudia, Brazil

ANSWER: You have always made your decisions about life based upon the needs of others. It is time to take into consideration what feels best for you. Your son is old enough now to take responsibility for himself and his decisions. He and his father have too many obstacles between them right now. Your husband blames your son for his unhappy life since he was forced to come to this town because you chose to come here for your son.

You have given so much attention to that son that he is now jealous of the relationship between you and your husband, his father. They will both have to have time apart to consider that the various decisions you were forced to make weren’t to choose one of them over the other, but to help the whole family.

It is choice time for you and your future. Your husband loves you tremendously but feels he has been overlooked in your desire to help your son. If you are to rescue this relationship you must give it time without the stress of your eldest and his problems. You will not be deserting your son but giving him space to build his own life. You will be re-creating a family with the rest – your husband and the other children. You will be helping them as well to establish a stronger connection to their father.

Any choice you make will be in alignment with your spiritual path, which is to learn from the situations in which you find yourself involved. The purpose of life is to discover your inner strengths and the abilities you possess and then use those first to help yourself, and then to assist others if you wish. You have chosen others first and now it is time to find your feelings and satisfy them.

Astral projection

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, Can you please elaborate what is happening to me? A dear friend passed away, leaving behind 2 sons & their dad. Then I had a vision. During this visualization I imagined myself standing there watching them while they did gardening on the side of the house, I thought I was just fantasizing it. A week ago I spoke via phone to the father and without telling him he began to tell me he & his boys were outside on that side of the house gardening and the younger boy looked up and said he had a real strong feeling he was being watched, for a long while. Did I do some type of astral travel or did I see through her spirit eyes as she watches over them? I’ve had many weird paranormal things happen all my life, the list is endless! ~Roxanne, United States

ANSWER: For some time, you have had the ability to project yourself wherever you desire. Most of the time you go to places in which you have an interest and, if you remember the journey, just think that it was a dream. You are very sensitive to energy because you travel on energy waves. When your friend came Home, you felt her energy and her interest in those she left behind. It gave you a destination in your travels.

You were not being assisted by her but were, in fact, assisting her. She was not totally comfortable being able to project to different locations yet, so she put the idea in your head and went along with you.

Her son felt the presence of the two of you. She will be able to communicate with them shortly if they are open to receiving her energy. If you tell them that she is trying to contact them and that she can do it more easily when they are asleep, they can go to sleep with the intention of meeting her, and after a while it will happen.

If you are interested, you can use this ability to obtain answers to some of your own questions. If you want to see what can be done with this talent, read up a bit on remote viewing and astral projection. You can explore areas you wish to visit, go backward or forward in time, find things you have lost or misplaced – just about anything you desire.

The important thing if you wish to investigate this talent is to just let it flow. Have no specific expectations. Don’t put any pressure on yourself – just have fun with it. If you practice enough you will find you have a high degree of control in reaching your desired destinations.


Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

QUESTION: Masters, I have always been in love with a girl that although we are very close, she never really interested me. She moved to the United States and married. Today I am married to a wonderful person who was interested in me and I ended up being seduced. We had no children. She has a brother with schizophrenia who lives with us. She had a very hard life and I’m in doubt if I stayed with her for help or was a way to forget about my other passion. Yet I doubt if I made the right choice and also if I will be able to assist them. ~Marcos, Brazil

ANSWER: You were infatuated with something you could not have. She never saw you as anything other than a friend, like a well-loved brother. You have issues of lack of self-worth and haven’t been the recipient of much love in this life. Because she unconditionally accepted you, although it did not include romantic love, you saw her as your salvation.

When she was gone you felt an emptiness and were starved for affection. Your wife saw the potential within you to be useful to her in her caring for her brother. Your life with her has been consumed with meeting their needs. Her true concern is her brother and not you. You are a means to accomplishing a comfortable living for “her family.”

She does not love you as you seek to be loved. She does love you for what you can provide for her. Your lack of self-confidence and self-worth make you see her as much more loving and compassionate than she really is. Her life has been hard but no harder than your own. She convinced you that you needed her and should get married so that she could have security for herself and her brother.

You have always let others tell or convince you about what “you wanted to do.” It is now time to honor yourself and start making your own choices about life. You are just as good and worthy as any other soul. You have the ability to create a world where you may welcome in a truly loving companion who will share the rest of your life with you.

Spend some time alone asking yourself what is happening around you. How often do you make the decisions concerning your life? See how you feel about the way you are being treated. Imagine what your prefect life would be like and then start  manifesting it.