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Unrequited love

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

QUESTION:  Masters, I am in love with my best friend. I have already confessed my love but the feelings are unrequited. By the grace of God, our friendship has continued to be strong. Sometimes, it seems as if the love and attraction are shared but other times, it seems like the work of my mind. I do feel a deep sense of connection with my best friend and it is a warm and pure feeling that I have not experienced with anyone else. It makes me feel safe and at home. My best friend had a brief relationship with someone but due to the unconventional nature of that relationship, there was a lot of suffering. But they loved each other very much. I want to know what is this feeling that I am experiencing and if my friend’s significant other is the twin soul/soul mate. ~Vaishnavee, Singapore

ANSWER:  Romantic love is a difficult human lesson. It has to involve at least two people. Since each soul has the ability to make its own choices in life, the partners must be in agreement and choose the same outcome. The unconditional love that souls have for each other’s essence can overpower the negative situation of one party’s being in love with another who does not return the feelings, and this unconditional love may be perceived as attraction.

Your best friend loves you as a soul and will continue to love who you are—despite the fact that you would like to include a romantic love into the mix, which doesn’t interest your friend. The romantic angle is just coming from your mind. Since your friend makes no demands upon you, the relationship is unencumbered and feels comfortable. Your friend is easy to love because of being the only one in your life who does not set conditions on you.

The relationship between your friend and the other person was very intense because they both wanted, needed, and desired to be with the “right one.” They are not twin flames or even soul mates. The thought that there is only one person for each soul is a fallacy. The person to whom you will be drawn as a romantic partner is very rarely determined before coming to Earth unless it is part of a life lesson. Most romantic relationships are just incidental to a human life.

Mostly what you feel is wishful thinking. Society has convinced people that they must have, and in fact have a right to have, a romantic lover. Your soul came to Earth to have a singular life experiencing various chosen lessons. If those lessons do not include something to do with romantic relationships, you simply don’t need to have romantic love in each lifetime.

Suicide of 50-year-old son

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I had a 50-yr-old son take his own life three months ago. When we make our life contracts before we incarnate to this earth is that something one would choose? I am also having a hard time with the fact that he loved our family so much and this has left us with such a heart ache. We want so much for a sign to know that he made it across and that he is ok, even a dream but so far none of us has had anything. How can we get these answers? ~Darlene, USA

ANSWER:  Suicide is a life lesson. It may be a single soul’s or it may be part of a group lesson, which is the situation in your son’s case. It is hard to imagine the facts at this time, but your whole family and many of your son’s friends agreed they wished to experience the sudden loss of a loved one. They wanted to feel abandonment, betrayal, survivor’s guilt, general guilt, and other lessons. Your son volunteered to be the one to leave.

The easiest way to affect a large number of people at once is through the event of suicide. You not only have the emotional upheaval from your thoughts but are bombarded with all the prejudices and lack of understanding from society. Religious beliefs condemn the person, and the survivors have to see how they feel about the judgment of others.

Your son easily transitioned back Home because he had planned the departure and was met and welcomed by friends and relatives. He has tried to let you know he is there, but everyone is still so traumatized that they aren’t able to relax enough to listen. Don’t have any specific expectations of how he will communicate; just let it happen.

He sends the message that you were all quite brave to have been a part of this type of lesson. He had rather the easiest of the parts. Once he was here, he would rather have stayed, but he had agreed and felt that there was good reason for the rest of the group to be able to experience all the emotions and lessons that are now possible and ongoing. It is because he loved everyone so much that he was able to leave.

Why did I choose that?

Tuesday, May 15th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I’m from Brazil, and I believe in reincarnation and life lessons. I’m living a very hard lesson – I lost my hearing. It is quite difficult to communicate with others – this deafness keeps me away from people. In fact, this is not my first handicap, I had an accident when I was 16, and I lost the movements of my right arm. I guess I handle this lesson very well, but nothing compares with my deafness. What should I do to ease my heart? ~Anna, France

ANSWER: You did choose to lead a life filled with hardship lessons. You had several layers that you planned. The first lesson, with your arm, dealt with an understanding that your appearance and body do not define who you are. You are defined by the way you allow yourself to interact with others. This was all about truly knowing how to use your self-esteem, and not a handicap, to define yourself and your connection with others. You figured out that lesson.

Then you wanted to have a hurdle that made it more difficult to deal with other people while you silently decided what you thought about the experience. This lesson has to do with your confidence in yourself and how you evaluate your self-worth in comparison to how the world sees you.

Deafness does not cut you off from others unless you allow it to. You will have to work harder to establish a balance in your life with this handicap than you did before. This does not have to keep you away from people—you just need to adapt. You need to learn to lip read; study body language, which is very telling about a person’s thoughts and ideas; and don’t be afraid to ask others to accommodate your disability.

It is part of human nature to want to help others. It is even a larger part of human nature to hesitate to ask for assistance. Take the confidence that has served you in the past and use it to your advantage. You are actually helping people to feel better about themselves by letting them assist you. Don’t be afraid—this is all part of the lesson.

Stop hiding and begin living again. You have the ability, and once you start, you will find it easier than you thought.