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What doesn’t seem possible

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I am reasonably successful and contented in life. I think my life lesson is to lead people and help complete difficult tasks. However, it is not something I think I am equipped to do. By nature, I am very gentle and rather approval-seeking and non-dominating. Physically, I am small and non-imposing. Though I am reasonably good at leading, subconsciously, I have a constant feeling of inadequacy when compared to others who seem to be better equipped, both mentally and physically. Hence I am confused whether I am correct in interpreting my life lesson. ~Ajit, India

ANSWER: You continue to say “I think” throughout your question. Thinking is the process of the brain. The brain is loaded with all the information that has been stored there by hearing or reading what the world around you thinks you should do. You have taken all these thoughts and then worked backwards to see if you consider that the reasoning has produced a viable situation for you. Go the next step in your journey: consider how you feel—which takes into consideration the reason you are incarnate, what you wanted to do, and what you have been preparing for in this life.

You have also adopted the thinking of society that in order to be a leader you must be of large stature and domineering, aggressive, and pushy. You are using judgment when you compare yourself to others. Judgment comes from the ego mind of the everyday world, where people want to know how much better or worse society considers them compared to the rest of mankind. This life journey you are undertaking is a solitary path. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or does. The only thing that is important is how you feel about what you are doing.

Your sense of self is one of your life lessons. You do not accept yourself as the magnificent soul that you are. Ask what has prevented you from knowing your worth. You don’t need to know what is going to happen—just do your best and things will work out. Gandhi was small of stature, a peaceful, non-aggressive individual, and he helped to birth a nation.

Last hours and transition

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, since my mother left this world 4 years ago, I have been troubled by the events of her last days. I feel that because of the devastation I felt by her impending death that I did not give enough comfort to her in her final hours & feel cowardly for just wanting to run away from it all. Shortly after my mother died I heard the sound of a music box playing a Russian melody. I could not find the source for the music — was this my mother letting me know she was home & OK? Also, during his life, my father & I were never very close. Since his death 25 years ago I have come to understand his pain & problems somewhat better & feel closer to him now because of that. Is he home & happy? ~Gloria, USA

ANSWER: When a soul is ready to leave the physical body it has occupied, a lot is going on all at once. If the transition is rapid from an accident or sudden physical fault, such as a stroke or heart attack, there isn’t too much that the soul is aware of after departure but the destination. If a soul has been aware that death is approaching, and it has a couple of days, its consciousness generally is in and out of the body as it makes plans for the future. Your mother transitioned very rapidly and peacefully. The music was a message from her that all was well.

Part of your life lessons involved dealing with difficulties in life, abandonment, sadness, and loneliness. The departure of your father so long ago was the first part of that lesson. He greeted your mother as she came home and they are catching up on the intervening years. He is glad you were able to work out the issues his life entailed. With regard to those things he acted as an example of life lessons for you.

Never blame yourself for the emotional responses you had to your mother’s death. The first reaction to devastating problems, particularly concerning death, is denial. The easiest way to deny what is happening is to run away so that it can’t affect you. You then enter into a layer of guilt, thinking you should have done something else. You reacted just as you needed to in order to be where you are now in your understanding.

I need to know

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I have just come across your page and I need to know what’s this light that souls go into after a person dies? What’s the purpose of [the stream of] life on life and lastly what could be my purpose? And what’s the purpose of love and marriage on Earth? ~Curthbert, Zambia

ANSWER: The first way the “light” has been reported is by those who have had Near Death Experiences (NDE) in which their body dies but then is revived or brought back to life. The second way is in accounts of souls on the Other Side of physicality talking about their individual journey back Home. The last way is by writers who have no idea what happens but want to pretend they do, so they take some of the material from the above two circumstances and invent their own stories.

In NDE reports, some souls experience going down a bright tunnel leading them from the dark density of Earth to the clarity of being with pure souls. This brightness is generally used so that the soul can see what it is supposed to see, but everything else is blurred or too out of focus to understand. During the NDE it is known to all but the soul having the experience that it is going to return to its body. The purpose of the NDE is for the soul to meet and obtain information from a deceased relative or spiritual person it respects or admires. Light means that nothing can be hidden, and what you see is what is. Those who have had many lives and transitions simply go immediately into their non-physical form without needing a comfortable process.

All souls come to Earth to learn about their essence and to be able to use some of their powers while in human form. Romantic love and marriage are life lessons that can take many forms and teach much about dealing with others and understanding oneself.

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