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Am I my aunt reincarnated?

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I grew up in Child Protective Service custody having suffered extreme child abuse, neglect and molestations. In my adult life I have had abusive relationships. I have struggled with healing my entire life. I keep being drawn back to the thought of my aunt who was raped and killed 16 months before my birth—it is still an unsolved crime. I have read that when we die tragically we will bring those problems to our next life. I feel drawn to my aunt and I think about her even though I never knew her. I keep these things to myself but I think maybe I could be her. I want to find myself for I always felt lost and broken and drawn. Please help me understand why so I can move forward in this life. I am very confused and need answers for I have no one to confide in. ~Kim, USA

ANSWER: Everything that you planned for yourself in this life was of a traumatic quality. The underlying energy has been to find your self-worth and self-love. You are a soul who has had many lives in which you were preparing for this extreme experience. You have many friends on the other side who have been with you, trying to let you feel them and render a sense that you are not alone.

Your aunt is one of your guides, so therefore you are not she. She is from the same soul group as you. A “soul group” is made up of all the souls who were broken off from Source at the same time and have a lot of the same characteristics. You and she have had many lives together and have alternated being the guide and the person having experiences on Earth. She had chosen the transition in the manner she did so she would have some personal experiences with some of the lessons she hoped to be able to assist you to understand in your own life.

It is true that lessons you undertake in one lifetime, if not completed and understood because of leaving before they are finished, may be revisited in another life. This is not necessary if you learn the lesson in some other fashion, such as figuring out something similar and then being able to apply that knowledge to the trauma.

Trying to believe your life has been so horrendous because it was a continuation of your aunt’s has taken a little strain off of the fact that each soul is alone in the lessons they choose. The soul who was your aunt loves you dearly and constantly sends you love. Close your eyes and feel the love that is coming through. Take that energy and place it in your heart so you may access it any time it is needed.

That unconditional love is the essence of all souls. Using that energy, you will be able to understand your experiences so you may learn from them and heal. The universe is everywhereyou are never alone.

Disappointing your parents

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, I am from a conservative family where my parents don’t really approve of a girlfriend. I stay in a hostel away from my home and get to visit twice a year. This January while I was in my home, my mom found out about my girlfriend. My parents were angry and cold to me thereafter. When I came back to my hostel, my parents did not contact me for a while. After some days my dad called me, but my mom didn’t. One day I called her but she talked to me normally. After that she still didn’t call me even once. My dad does call occasionally but he is somewhat cold to me. Please help me. My studies are affected badly since then. Also I don’t have any wish of going home this summer holidays, as my parents are being so cold to me. What should I do? ~Himesh, Bangladesh

ANSWER: The life that you are living is your own. It is not your father’s and it is not your mother’s. They were told throughout their upbringing what to do and what to believe. They have done the same with you. On your journey you may follow their lead or find what is right for your learning.

Beliefs are things with which you structure your life. Most of the time, you are totally unaware that you have the ability to challenge and change that which has been forced upon you by parents and society. Freedom of choice exists in all things. However, there are consequences when you differ from the beliefs of your family. You chose to have a girlfriend against the beliefs of your family, and their anger and disappointment in you is the consequence. This is neither right nor wrong for either of you.

When a choice is made that is not liked by another, their reaction may be to accept or reject. Your mom has rejected your decision to take a girlfriend rather than blindly following the rules of your society. This is the first major decision you have made in this lifetime, and the disapproval you feel from your family is hitting you hard.

Part of the drama here involves control issues. Your mother seeks to be able to control your life even when you are not living in the household. You may allow her to do that by honoring all her requirements, or you may see what feels right for the world you have before you.

Part of this lesson is having faith in your own feelings. You will not be controlled by anyone you do not allow to tell you what to do. When you are ready, you will be able to handle the rejection and coldness from those who want to control but whom you choose not to obey. Your decision had nothing to do with hurting your parentsit was something you felt you needed to experience in your life. Part of their belief had to do with your not being distracted from your studies. The distraction has not been the girlfriend, but rather the guilt laid upon you for not following their desires.


Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

QUESTION: Masters, could you enlighten us as to what to expect during 2013/2014? For example, will wars and power struggles continue? Will many of the people obtain their fought-for ‘freedoms’? Will there be a ‘fairer’ share of wealth and resources or do things continue as usual? ~Jeana, UK

ANSWER: What souls perceive in the future will depend on where they exist in time and space. Those who are cemented into the third dimension of judgment and ego will still see and experience all the inequities of society that you suggest. If they, instead, go into the energy of the universe and give up judgment and ego, their world will be one of harmony and love.

Earth is a dualityit will not cease being such. The division of negative and positive in anyone’s life depends on what the person needs to learn. If you have given up judgment, know that human life is for you to learn things for yourself, accepted that you cannot affect the experiences anyone else has, and believe some people chose to learn about poverty and warfare, the future will be perfect. If you still try to monitor society to create a Utopian environment with everyone experiencing the same things, you will be interfering with others’ life journeys.

The transition in which you are engaged at this time is allowing awakened souls to understand that the journeys they take are singular in nature. Society seeks to create a sense of responsibility in all citizens for all other citizens so they don’t have to work so hard. That is not the purpose for Earth’s existence.

This does not mean that awakened souls will not recognize others and jointly create a Utopia for the remainder of their lifetimes. It will be limited to those who choose to unite and dream together. There are many groups out there forming at this time. You must not let your concern for the rest of the worldthose who are still working through basic lessonsto interfere with your enjoyment of this energetic time.